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Unlike most Real Estate Agents who treat Property Management as the poor relation to their lucrative sales business, we see the day-to-day service of Property Management as our crown jewel.

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More than just a Sales Agency.

At LongView, we’ve Re-imagined Real Estate as an agency built by Property Investors for Property Investors. We see Property Management as our core business, not the poor relation, let alone what some of the dinosaurs in our industry call it: ‘the girls out the back’.

We know that managing your property is the bread and butter that requires diligence, passion and attention to detail.

Every Property Manager will promise you to do the basics – and so they should – all of these are essential: rental appraisal, advertising and open for inspections, tenancy application assessments, condition reports and leasing, management of funds through bond, rent, maintenance and other costs, rent revisions, regular inspections, notices to vacate, VCAT appearances, re-leasing.

Every one of these things needs to be done systematically and well. We don’t let these issues fall to chance, we have software systems to monitor and track that every single one of these tasks gets done and done properly.

But we offer two special features that we believe no other agency can match: guaranteed service levels and innovative new products.

Our guaranteed service levels include:

  1. Dedicated Property Manager
  2. Response to every phone call within 24 hours;
  3. A Landlord hotline open to you until 10pm every weeknight;
  4. Contact details of your Property Manager and their Team Leader at the footer of every email you receive – so you never wonder ‘who should I call?’.
  5. Regular client satisfaction calls and surveys to make sure we keep delivering better service.

If every other agency was serious about their Landlord and Property Investor clients and serious about Property Management as a profession, they’d match these service offerings. But no other agent will give you these commitments.

We also offer some highly innovative products that we don’t believe any other agency can or will offer, because they required us to think outside the box and bring in skills from outside the industry to achieve them. We don’t believe any other agency will offer you these unique products:


Not happy with your property manager?

Make the switch.

Many Landlords and Property Managers often tell us they are unhappy with their current Property Manager. But they say; “What’s the point in switching, all Property Managers are the same and provide the same poor service?”.

At LongView this is not the case. Unlike many other Real Estate Agencies, we treat Property Management as our crown jewel. We are an agency established by Property Investors for Property Investors and we understand the frustration of poor Property Management services and that’s why we introduced our guaranteed level of service to all our clients.

Often Landlords and Property Investors do not realise that they can switch Property Managers at any time. They do not have to wait till their Tenants end their lease, or until a lease renewal is due. Switching can take place at any time. And best of all our Property Managers look after the whole process.

Switching to LongView is easy and free. Once you provide us written permission to manage your property, we take care of the rest. We contact your former agent, obtain your property files, transfer bonds and collect keys. We also introduce ourselves to your Tenant (if your property is tenanted) and provide them with new payment details and information on being a LongView Tenant.


Property management fees.

At LongView we charge a management fee as a percentage of your monthly rental income, as well as a letting fee for each Tenant, or lease renewal. Please call to speak with our Property Management team for more information on fees.

AirBnB Management.

Do you have a friend who is earning substantially more rental income on AirBnB? Have you wondered if your property would be suitable for AirBnB? Also wondered about the hassle of listing and managing the bookings, cleaning and maintenance as a full-time host? We offer AirBnB Management as well as traditional long-term rental services and are therefore able to offer unbiased advice on the income earning potential for both.

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Guaranteed Rent

Regular income, same amount, every month

Vacancy between Tenants is the biggest financial risk most Landlords face. Suddenly you can face a $2,000 – 5,000 hole blown in your cash flow while waiting for a new Tenant. Often at the worst time, when the mortgage payment is due or other life expenses are adding up.

That’s why we created our Guaranteed Rent product. So that you can get certainty about your rental income every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or not, whether the Tenant pays on time or not. We think it’s our job to manage the Tenants, so why should you cover the cost if we don’t do our job well?

Guaranteed Rent isn’t a magic pudding – it’s just a way of evening out the cash flow ups and downs from your property to make it smooth and predictable every month. We manage the ups and downs so you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Rent is a benefit whether you are buying, owning or selling an investment property:


Buy with
Guaranteed Rent

LongView will come with you to appraise any property you are considering buying (regardless of which agent is selling it) and tell you what rent you should expect. We offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract for it, so you have certainty of cash flow before you even buy. It’s like getting the bank’s pre-approval for finance – we give you pre-approval of Guaranteed Rent. No other agency will do that!

Manage with
Guaranteed Rent

If you are currently having issues with arrears with your current agent, any time you want, you can move your property from your current agency to LongView with a Guaranteed Rent contract. If it’s already tenanted, we will continue the tenancy with no disruption for you or the tenant. If it’s vacant and you need the money to start flowing, we’ll give you a Guaranteed Rent contract and your first cheque TODAY. No other agency will offer you that!

Sell with
Guaranteed Rent

When you want to sell your investment property, we will offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any buyer – so they and their bank have certainty about rental income. That makes your property far more attractive to Investors and Developers than even an identical property next door with no Guaranteed Rent. So that brings more buyers and a higher price for you when you sell. No other agency will offer you that!

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