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Unlike most Real Estate Agents who treat Property Management as the poor relation to their lucrative sales business, we see the day-to-day service of Property Management as our crown jewel. We understand that you need professional expertise delivered with genuine care. Every day for decades

You want peace of mind. Property investment is meant to be the safe, patient way to create wealth – but the unexpected often upsets that process – our job is to expect the unexpected and manage it for you so you can relax and have confidence in the outcome.

Every Property Manager will promise you to do the basics – and so they should – all of these are essential: rental appraisal, advertising and open for inspections, tenancy application assessments, condition reports and leasing, management of funds through bond, rent, maintenance and other costs, rent revisions, regular inspections, notices to vacate, VCAT appearances, re-leasing.

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Every one of these things needs to be done systematically and well. We don’t let these issues fall to chance, we have software systems to monitor and track that every single one of these tasks gets done and done properly. But this is the start, not the finish of our approach:

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What Makes LongView Different

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Budgets & Expenses

We can provide you with an annual budget of rent and likely expenses so you have a business plan for your property business.

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Dynamic Pricing

We use dynamic pricing to maximise rent income and shorten vacancy.

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More Opens = Applications

We open twice on some weekends to get more and better applications earlier.

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Longer Leases

We can negotiate longer leases to reduce vacancy and marketing costs and attract the most stable tenants.

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Pro-active Plans

We can do pro-active maintenance plans when we inspect the property to deliver a “no surprises” outcome.

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Options & Solutions

We provide options and recommended solutions when issues arise.

Trusted Tenancies = Better Returns

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Trustworthy tenants stay longer, pay promptly and care for the property. They impact your financial returns and your peace of mind. Nothing is more important than finding and selecting trustworthy tenants. This requires a mix of speed and rigour – it’s not easy to do both. If you don’t act quickly, the best tenants will be snapped up by other properties. But if you don’t select rigorously, you risk missing key indicators of a problem tenant.

This requires two things: experience and data analytics – art and science. There is nothing like a decade or two of experience to bring pattern recognition to be able to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We can quickly screen out the questionable applications from the wonderful ones! With our unique data analytic capabilities, we can predict the most likely tenant characteristics that match with long-term tenure, stable payment and no damage. Because we have both experience and analytics on tap, we can move at the speed of market and select the best tenants before anyone else does.

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Being faster in getting the best tenant doesn’t just provide a trouble-free future, it means the property is vacant for a shorter period and so rental income in maximised.

Correctly pricing your property is also a mix of art and science – experience and data. The challenge is to test the highest likely price point, but to move quickly down the scale if there isn’t enough demand. Speed and accuracy. Art and science. Experience and data. Our experience tells us how to interpret “comparative market analysis” – looking at what similar properties are letting for – and how your property compares to others at each different price point. Our data tells us from within the first few hours online – how many page visits, how much enquiry etc – if the interest is too low at a higher price, we can manage it immediately, not wait weeks of empty inspections before deciding the change the rent.

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What Our Clients Say

“Longview has been managing our investment property and from day 1 I have been impressed by the degree of respect and professionalism with which they treat me as a landlord, and my tenants also.”

– Claire K

“Very professional and compassionate agents who have helped me navigate the rental market. Two agents in particular, Tania Gunther and Cheyenne Newman, have been amazing, always available to help and go the extra mile.”

– Michael B

“Transferred over to Longview Real Estate at the start of the year after having a few issues with my previous property management company. They are very supportive and have given me piece of mind that my property is being sufficiently looked after.

– Andrea S