Why LongView?

Because we are Real Estate Re-imagined.

Property Investing is a Long Game.

People invest in property with only two things in mind; a prosperous retirement and creating wealth for future generations.

Imagine a Real Estate Agency that worked on the same time frame – decades.

Imagine a Real Estate Agency founded by Property Investors for Property Investors.

An agency that helps you make the big decisions well and then delivers the critical details every day.

Most agents help you with neither. Most agents want to sell your home today.

They imagine you asking them “When is the right time to sell?” and respond with their own answer: “Today”. It’s always today. Because ‘Today’ is how they make their money. But it’s not how you make money. You make money over the long haul – through long term capital growth and gradually rising income.

Our definition of success is when you’ve done well enough to be able to buy another property. And another. That’s Real Estate Re-imagined. A lifetime relationship not a one-month stand.

Understand all your options

At LongView whenever you ask us to appraise your property for rent or sale – or if you ask us to help you buy – we help you see and evaluate all the options. Because making a wrong decision or missing an unseen opportunity can be very expensive. But if your agent is a one-trick pony (“sell, sell, sell – today is a great time to sell !”), your needs don’t get heard and your property doesn’t get fully assessed - there’s just a race to get your signature on a page.

Does it make sense to renovate? To subdivide? To move it into AirBnB? Is it a great property to hold for the long term and find other ways to finance your needs?

LongView’s consultative approach helps you see all the options so you can decide which option works best for your financial and lifestyle needs. Then whatever you decide, we can execute your decisions – quickly, professionally and honestly. No other agent focuses on what your property can do for you rather than what it can do for them.

Imagining what your property could become is a necessary part of creating the most wealth from your investment. Getting practical about how to do it – whether it’s sell, rent or something more complicated – is what you rely on us to do.

That’s Real Estate Re-imagined. That’s LongView. Property is a long game - call Rachel Atkin on 0428 064 846 to discuss your needs or evaluate your options.

Guaranteed Rent - transform how you buy, manage, upgrade and sell.

Whether you are buying, holding, upgrading or selling your investment property, LongView’s Guaranteed Rent contract can improve your outcomes.

It’s our job as Property Managers to find the right tenants and collect the rent. So it should be our problem, not yours, if we haven’t done that job well enough. No other agent sees it that way.

We are the only agency that will give you a binding legal contract for Guarantee Rent – at full market rent – so you can sleep easily and know your cash flow is secure - whether the property is tenanted or vacant or whether the tenant is on time with paying rent or not. We are 'putting our money where our mouth is' – ask your current agency if they are willing to do the same?

This is not a gimmick or a 'magic pudding' – our data scientists analysed thousands of property years of vacancy statistics to make sure we understand the risks. And our service team have created innovative approaches to minimising vacancy and rental arrears. So our hard work gives us the confidence to offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract you can bank on.

Buying: we will join you, free of charge, to evaluate any investment property you are considering across Melbourne and give you not just an appraisal of its value, but a binding contract for Guaranteed Rent if you buy it. So you can buy with certainty of income and confidence on cash flow.

Managing: we can offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any landlord at any time to make sure you never have to worry about vacancy or rental arrears again. You don’t have to wait until your tenant moves out and you are losing money to change agencies and get the security of LongView’s Guaranteed Rent. We won’t disrupt your tenants. And if your property is vacant or in arrears now, what have you got to lose?

Upgrading: considering a renovation, redeveloping or moving into AirBnB? LongView can offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract before you make the change – and manage the change for you – so you know exactly what the increase in income will be before you make the decision to upgrade your investment property.

Selling: if you need to sell your property, you want as many bidders as possible. By offering the sale with a Guaranteed Rent contract available, your property stands out from all the competition to attract additional investor attention. Whether they buy the property or bid up an owner occupier who buys it, the more investors that want your property, the better your price. And LongView Guaranteed Rent – along with our complete Investor Information brochure and up-front Building Inspection reports – make your property stand out and attract the extra investor buyers.

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In a market downturn, is it ever a good time to sell?

As we joke on our website, most local agents find a way to tell you it’s always a good time to sell. Why? Because it’s a good time for them to make money from you selling. That is not advice. At least not professional advice. And, many local agents will give you a 'rosy' view of what your property is currently worth to convince you to sell – they will take 'comparable sales' of similar properties from months ago, when the market was considerably higher – and tell you that is a guide to what you might receive if you start to sell now – and therefore aren’t on the market until a month or two from now when prices will be even lower. This will only lead to disappointment when the market realities become clear.
January 27, 19   By  Evan Thornley
Property Market, Property Sales
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Rental property vacancy is a ‘preventable disease’!

Vacancy can come quite suddenly – a month-to-month tenant only needs to give you 28 days notice – and can be very expensive, typically 2 to 4 weeks of lost income plus advertising costs and letting fees. That’s why we created LongView’s Guaranteed Rent solution. Because we manage nearly 2,000 properties all over Melbourne, our JOB is to manage for minimal vacancy.
January 27, 19   By  Evan Thornley
Property Management
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Is AirBnB really an option for my property? Would I make more money? What about the risks?

Our Executive Chair, Evan Thornley, successfully moved a block of flats in St Kilda from traditional rental to AirBnB and saw a 50% increase in net cash flow. So now we always appraise a property for our clients for both traditional and AirBnB rental to see which option is most attractive.
January 27, 19   By  Evan Thornley
Property Management, Property Market


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