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Hailey Kuang

Senior Property Manager           

0408 083 538

How long have you been in Real Estate?

"6 years."

What do you love the most about working in Property Management?

"Property management really helps me to get the experience for my life and I love to talk to the person, it's interesting to talk with different people and know about how to deal with them."

How do you provide the best service to your clients? 

"Firstly, I try to respond to all of my clients as soon as I can, I also put myself in my clients' shoes to provide the best possible outcome that I would hope for if I was in that situation."

What's the best advice that you can give to a Residential Rental Provider?

"Choose a good agency and Property Manager for your rental property. Choose someone you can trust will provide you with good advice and updates on regulations."

Why is LongView different to other agencies?

"I feel the structure of the company is very mature and detailed. Every single employee and client is been looked after by the company."

What do you do in your free time outside of work?

"Snowboarding, road trips and walks with my dog"