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Guaranteed Rent

Peace of mind through cashflow certainty.

Benefits of Longview Guaranteed Rent

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Your rent is guaranteed, no matter what
LongView takes the risks of vacancy, rental arrears, and price fall.
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Get paid market rate in 10 business days*

Even if your property is vacant.

* Subject to the property being ready to lease. Client must maintain EBM landlord insurance throughout the contract period

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Never risk a late mortgage payment
Receive rent at the same time every month
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Multi-year options available
Property owners get long-term security. 

How it compares

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How we do it

It’s simple. Our team are responsible for finding the best tenants, the best rent and the lowest vacancy, so we should cover the cost if we don’t do that well.

So, by hiring the best in the industry, we meet both your service expectations and your stable cash flow needs.

Case Study

Michelle and Daryl had a property in Mernda coming up for lease following the completion of construction in 2020. They were worried about the uncertainty of rental income to service their outgoings - not to mention the hassle of selecting a competent agent.

By taking up LongView Guaranteed Rent, they were able to receive $380 per week, every week, even during COVID-19. For the full 24 months of their Guaranteed Rent contract, they did not have to worry about the ups and downs of the rental market.


Let's get you Guaranteed Rent

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