Our team

People behind Longview

Are the same as you.

Our team are Home Owners, Landlords and Property Investors (some are even Accidental Landlords) and are aspiring to create wealth over the long term through property investing.

Our team are a melting pot of people from all different background and experiences – from Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs through to junior Property Management Consultants.

We’ve deliberately gathered an unusual combination of people, unlikely to be found in any other Real Estate Agency or business for that matter.

Why? We imagined that we could create a unique team, whose combined knowledge and expertise would yield a bunch of innovative property investment products, while finding better ways to manage the day to day deliverables of traditional Real Estate services – with the basic end goal being ‘to assist our clients in property investing over the long term’.

And with the help of this incredible team which we have pulled together from every facet of life, we have started on our journey to meet that goal.


The team

Please meet your LongView team

We are one team, with different roles which can be segment into Leadership, Property Management, Sales, Business Development and Support.

Who are you looking for?

If you are ready to Re-imagine Real Estate, we’d love to talk to you.