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Welcome to LongView

We are a property management and advisory firm that thrives on mutual prosperity. We build wealth with clients, not from clients. Our mission is to provide investors and home buyers with access to A-grade residential properties and help landlords achieve financial freedom with stress-free property management.


We leverage industry-leading data analytics and strong relationships to find, evaluate and purchase the finest residential properties (both on- and off-market). Our expertise allows us to boost rental income by leasing properties faster and we outperform traditional agencies in every suburb across Melbourne.



The Workplace of Choice in Residential Property

To deliver the best service, we hire the top 10% professionals. LongView pays better, trains in depth, gives the best tools, surveys and supports team satisfaction frequently. That’s why our people stay 4x longer and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Industry leading client satisfaction


92% of our clients rate us 8, 9 or 10/10, while the industry average is 4/10. This is because we align our business to prosper with our teams and clients, not from them. As a result, our business is 8x bigger than it was 5 years ago with rising satisfaction.

The only data science & analytics team in our field

Having the best people is half the battle; having the best data analytics is the other half. Our specialists analyse market trends, real time vacancy and capital growth all day, every day. This helps us buy better properties and deliver the lowest vacancy rates.

World class expertise & skills


Our team has backgrounds at firms like McKinsey, KPMG, Meriton, Optus and Perpetual combined with decades of property expertise. We match the innovation of Silicon Valley with the financial rigour of the Big 4 to deliver professional property investment results.

Longview has two complementary arms:


Property Management

Our team has been rated #1 in Melbourne for speed of letting (Source: Propic 2020) – minimising vacancy periods and protecting landlord cashflow. Our clients get $1000/year extra rental income on average and enjoy great peace of mind knowing that all their enquiries are addressed within 24 hours.


Property Advisory

Our experts gain a detailed understanding of your specific circumstances to confidently recommend whether to buy/sell and what to buy/sell for superior returns. We realised that most people seek professional help selling their houses but relatively few are aware of the hidden risks involved in buying properties without support. So, whether you wish to buy your first home, upgrade, downsize or invest, we offer independent guidance to avoid mistakes, eliminate stress and save valuable time and money.


All these factors enable us to deliver superior outcomes to our clients over the long term. That is why we are called LongView – long term vision for long term results.


Our Pledge

Our promise to our teams


We’re about people, not just property. We value the rich diversity of backgrounds and perspectives fueled by a lifelong learning and development mindset.

Team-based culture

We hold each-other’s hands with gratitude, celebrate our success and create positive interactions that reflect in the service to our clients.


Leadership is amongst us, not above us. Everyone is invited to step up when the situation requires.

Manage risks

There are many serious and hidden risks in property investment and management. Our first job is to identify those physical and financial risks, and then protect our clients, tenants, staff & shareholders from them.

Leadership and Vision

We seek to provide the leadership and vision necessary to create a property ecosystem that works for the many, not just the few. We aspire to create a system that delivers financial freedom for home owners and investors, security and dignity for tenants, a nurturing environment for staff and positive community impact.

Aligned interests

Our success is fueled by our clients’ success. We thriveby aligning interests with our clients & team members.

Long term & Holistic Focus

Success in Property Investing is measured over the long-term. We keep the focus on our clients’ long-term success by understanding their family, financial and stage-of-life needs.

Fact Driven

We combine decades of deep property experience with cutting edge data analytics to provide insight and objectivity that enlightens our clients’ decisions.


We act both responsively and proactively to meet our clients’ current needs to capture future opportunities for them.

Our promise to our clients

Exciting place to work

We are about people not just property – watch our team members describe what it feels like being part of the LongView team:

Kunal Saxena, our Lead Data Analyst, explains what it takes to build an industry-leading data capability that helps clients make better property investment decisions.

Mark Brilliant, from the Property Advisory Team, describes how a supporting environment with a shared, clear vision contributes to creativity and growth.

Stephanie Wallace, a Senior Property Manager, shares some of her stories that show why working with landlords and tenants day-to-day definitely has its perks.

Kate Jones, a Property Manager Advisor, talks about why she decided to pursue a career in the property industry and how our teamwork culture is manifested.

Our Leadership Team

Antony Cohen

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Advisory

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Cath Stubbings

Co-Founder &

Executive Director

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Evan Thornley

Co-founder, Investor and Executive Chair

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Melanie Dennis



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Tim Beasley

Executive Director

- Growth

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