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Helping you buy a better home, sooner

We provide you with the funds needed to overcome your deposit gap and help you navigate the property buying process so you can buy a better home, sooner.

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Why we created LongView Buying Boost

We understand that saving for a home is becoming increasingly challenging, especially for home buyers that don’t have family support to help. LongView Buying Boost helps you to overcome your deposit gap by adding additional funds to your home savings. Alongside this increase in funds, we give you access to our buying expertise, which is informed by professionals who have purchased thousands of properties, and supported by industry-leading data & analytics. In exchange, you give us a share of future capital growth, which you pay to us when you decide to sell your home.

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Frequently asked questions

How much will LongView Buying Boost add to my property budget?

For First Home Buyers, LongView Buying Boost will provide clients with up to 50% of what they have saved to buy a home. This leaves a client contributing 2/3 towards the property purchase and LongView contributing 1/3.

In exchange for the initial contribution, LongView will take the same share of any future capital growth in the property, which is paid to LongView when you sell your home, or can be paid out earlier if you decide to buy out LongView’s share.

For example, say you have $200k saved to cover a deposit and stamp duty. LongView would add an additional $100k, which takes your budget to $300k. In exchange, LongView would be entitled to 1/3 of any capital growth when you sold your property.

For Upgraders (looking to sell and upgrade to their next home) we can help too. However, the amount we can provide and our share of capital growth depends on your circumstances. Please get in touch with us to discuss further here.

What is the eligibility criteria?

To begin, we are helping people with at least $100,000 saved for their deposit and stamp duty, who are looking buying in the following locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast

We are focused on helping you buy a quality property that is a good fit for your lifestyle, as well as a good financial investment. With that in mind, we are unlikely to invest in most apartments because they tend not to grow much in value over time.

If you don’t fit the criteria above, don’t fret – still get in touch with our team here and we can walk you through how we might be able to help, or what other products and schemes (Government or Private) might be more suitable to you.


How does LongView make money?

We make our money by ensuring you are in a property that has strong capital growth potential and share in that upside with you.

We are experts in finding and negotiating deals for properties with capital growth potential. Our buyer advisors have purchased thousands of properties and they are backed by an industry-leading team of data scientists who analyse the market all day, every day.

That’s why we are confident we can make such a good investment together. As a result, when you eventually sell your home, the value is expected to have increased substantially and we will both make money together.

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