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Switching to Longview is easy

We do everything for no additional cost, so you can rest easy. 

You can switch now
You don’t have to wait until the current renters end their lease or the property becomes vacant. In fact, it’s often better to switch when the property is rented.
Switching is FREE
We do not charge any onboarding fee, so you can transfer your property without having to spend a dollar.
We manage the whole transfer
It is our job to contact your current agency and tenant and organise all the paperwork.

Make the Switch in 1 step!

Once you’ve had a conversation with our property investment specialist, formalise that you’d like us to take over the management of your property by signing the leasing and management authority.

What happens next?

  • LongView takes care of the rest: we contact your former agent and tenant, obtain and review all files, transfer the bond, and collect the keys.
  • You are appointed a senior property manager who welcomes you and your renter into the LongView family.
  • The whole process usually takes only one week.