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Antony Cohen

Co-Founder & Head of Funds Management, LongView 

About Antony Cohen

Antony Cohen is a globally focused Commercial Senior Executive with 28 years at the most senior levels of KPMG and is a co-founder and Head of Funds Management at LongView (previously Head of Advisory).  

In addition to his role at LongView, Antony is Chair of the Trustee of the Wingate Investment Partners  3 Trust, which has more than $1 billion in funds under management. The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of secured debt, principally property related, with contractually determined outcomes. 

Antony was a senior partner at KPMG and held positions including Head of Valuations, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Head of Industry Restructuring & Privatisation, Head of Energy & Natural Resources and a member of the National Board. 

Antony departed KPMG and spent three years at Better Place – a global electric vehicle recharge network operator – initially as the CFO for the Australian business, and subsequently as CEO.  

He was also a non-executive director of Unified Healthcare Group until a successful exit for its founders in 2019, Non-Executive Director of QuickFee until its successful exit by IPO in 2019 and continues to act as a Board member and independent committee member for a number of Wingate Finance group businesses and as an advisor to the CEO of a large family office. 

Antony has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Metallurgy) from Melbourne University and is a Chartered Accountant.  

Antony is a member of the Investment Committee.