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Chief Information Officer


About Tom Leyden

Tom Leyden is a seasoned technology leader with a passion for leading digital opportunities between business and technology. His philosophy focuses on exploring real transformative digital change to its full potential, executing quickly with a clear business use case, and considering the full life cycle of technology and change required. With experience across a broad range of industries, business systems development and IT leadership, Tom brings a unique perspective to his work.

Tom's career includes a significant tenure at Vanguard Investments (Australia), where he was the region's first business systems developer and led various software teams in building innovative solutions that transformed team operations and information sharing. After Vanguard, Tom worked for a global architecture and design firm, building international IT teams in Asia, the US, and the UK, and modernising the company's IT infrastructure for flexibility.

Tom has a track record of building high-performing IT teams that are strongly connected to the purpose of an organization and are able to empower digital and technology change.

To stay current with technology, he co-hosts the popular IT podcast IT Leaders and discusses key issues of tech leadership, innovation, and IT security with high-profile guests. Tom holds a Master's Degree in Business and Technology from the Melbourne Business School.