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Mitch McGeever

Property Advisor

It’s a cliché when you read someone’s bio and see they grew up in a family involved in the property industry and that somehow this has given them the magic property blood running through their veins. Even though Mitch attended many property inspections in his childhood the early connection with property was more to do with receiving ice cream as a reward for good behaviour!

Mitch made his own decision on what he wanted to do and enrolled in a Bachelor of Business and Property Economics at QUT. It is now quite apparent he is a natural in property and is truly an asset to the team with his analytical mind and competitive nature.

‘It’s quite amazing how the skills & discipline I gained from playing school boy rugby and rowing have now been adapted to the role I have at work. It is all about being goal orientated, having a strong mindset, working hard and making sure you are backing your fellow team mates 110% so we can provide the best outcome for our clients.’