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Getting you into YourHome sooner

We understand that house hunting and affordability can be challenging, especially in a rising market. Things get even harder when home buyers don’t have the “bank of mum and dad” to help out with the deposit. LongView’s YourHome gives you earlier access to a better home through a combination of extra money for your deposit, and professional property buying expertise so you can buy right.


We are so confident that we can help you acquire a great property that we are willing to co-invest with you in it! We top up your deposit to give you additional fire power, and in doing so, we have a share of the equity in the property you purchase. Whatever share of the deposit we provide is the same share of the equity we receive when you sell or buy us out.


Main Features and Benefits

How It Works


Step 1

You tell us what your dream home looks like and how much finance is approved.


Step 2

We assess how much we can provide to complement your initial deposit.


Step 3

Our experts work with you to find and purchase a great house that is also an excellent investment.


Step 4

When you decide to sell the property or buy us out, you pay us back our share.



Here is an example of how YourHome can help you with the extra money you need for a deposit on a home. Let’s assume you purchase a property for $1m with $200k equity (of which $50k, or 25% of the equity, is funded by YourHome). If it doubles in value, your equity will grow 6X (from $150k to $900k) and so will LongView’s equity (from $50k to $300k). When you decide to sell the property or buy us out, you pay us back our share based on the proportion of equity we contributed upon purchase.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one – we only make money if you make money. In fact, you don’t even need to make regular repayments on the amount we contribute to your deposit. Ah, but there must be a fee, yes? Nope, there isn’t a fee. We’re confident that you will have made an outstanding investment and therefore so will we. This is because we’ve bought thousands of properties, so we know how to match capital growth with your lifestyle needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s vitally important you have all your questions answered so you can make an informed decision about whether LongView’s YourHome home buying package is right for you. You can find a comprehensive list of FAQ’s via the link below. If you still have questions after reading this document, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will answer them for you.

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    Who is LongView?

    LongView helps people live in better homes and build a legacy for future generations through fact-based property decisions. We’re a one stop property shop that houses:

    • Mortgage brokers who analyse your financing options and other home buying schemes to help you pick the most suitable alternative – even if it’s not a LongView offering
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    • Industry-leading data scientists who monitor property prices and market trends all day, everyday to give you an insider advantage
    • Our analysis of the property market has been featured in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review