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LongView Transaction Advice

LongView offers a suite of services to help you with every property transaction decision you make. Whether it’s buying or selling, LongView wants to help you make sure you’re making the right choices.

While most agents and agencies only care about getting a new listing and selling, LongView wants to do what is right for you. Are you buying a property that best matches what you have already in your portfolio? Is this really the best time for you to be selling or could re-financing get you what you need ? It is questions like these that most agents will ignore. LongView aims to develop relationships with clients that are not transaction focused. We are here to give you advice over the lifetime of your property investment journey.

Portfolio Review

For our multi-owner clients we offer a full Portfolio Review free of charge. We will analyse the properties you own and how they are performing. We are then able to provide you advice on what your options are, give our recommendations on the best path to meet your family and financial needs and then execute any decisions you make – to buy, sell, renovate, redevelop or rent.


When the time is right for you to sell, LongView can deliver better results because we do something no other agency does and it brings more buyers which brings more competition and higher prices.

To get the largest number of buyers you want to attract BOTH local home owners and a wide range of investors.

Our Investor Advantage Pack gives investors all the information they need upfront while our Guaranteed Rent gives investors piece of mind when it comes to their rental income.

Local home owner buyers will find your property no matter who is listing it, but LongViews’ investor focus drives more people to your sale, resulting in a higher sale price.

Vendor Advocacy

We also know if LongView isn’t the right agency to sell your property, we are the right advisor to choose and manage the agency who is. We work with you to assess the pitches of local agents, get behind the industry tricks and focus on the substance and hold them accountable for the promises they make.

We help you choose the right agent, negotiate fee structure, select the right marketing campaign, and so much more. We are there throughout the whole process to make sure the agent you choose is always the one working on your campaign, providing weekly updates and making sure the agent is running an efficient campaign and not pressuring you to sell below the price you need.

The best part of LongView Vendor Advocacy is that it doesn’t cost you anything. We take a percentage of the agents’ commission at no extra cost to you. We are an open book – everything is transparent so you see exactly what we are paid.

Buyer Advocacy

LongView also offers Buyer Advocacy. The most important decision to make when buying is making sure you’re buying the right property. If you’re looking for an investment you want to know that you are buying a property that has the best combination of capital growth and yield for your needs. You need to make sure you’re looking in the right areas, considering size and orientation, or even looking at commercial properties as opposed to residential. The consequences for getting this wrong can be severe.

As a home buyer, you want a home that you love, but you also want a property that is worth what you are paying and will grow in value because it is often your biggest and almost certainly your most tax-effective asset. We help you assess your needs, both now and as your life and family change so you can buy a property with long-term potential.

LongView is here to make sure you are buying the best property you can afford from every aspect.

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What Our Clients Say

“Longview has been managing our investment property and from day 1 I have been impressed by the degree of respect and professionalism with which they treat me as a landlord, and my tenants also.”

– Claire K

“Very professional and compassionate agents who have helped me navigate the rental market. Two agents in particular, Tania Gunther and Cheyenne Newman, have been amazing, always available to help and go the extra mile.”

– Michael B

“Transferred over to Longview Real Estate at the start of the year after having a few issues with my previous property management company. They are very supportive and have given me piece of mind that my property is being sufficiently looked after.

– Andrea S