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LongView Transaction Advice

LongView offers a suite of services to help you with every property transaction decision you make. Whether it’s buying or selling, LongView wants to help you make sure you’re making the right choices.

While most agents and agencies only care about getting a new listing and selling, LongView wants to do what is right for you. Are you buying a property that best matches what you have already in your portfolio? Is this really the best time for you to be selling or could re-financing get you what you need ? It is questions like these that most agents will ignore. LongView aims to develop relationships with clients that are not transaction focused. We are here to give you advice over the lifetime of your property investment journey.

Portfolio Review

Selling & Vendor Advocacy

Professional Purchasing

Portfolio Review

For our multi-owner clients we offer a full Portfolio Review free of charge. We will analyse the properties you own and how they are performing. We are then able to provide you advice on what your options are, give our recommendations on the best path to meet your family and financial needs and then execute any decisions you make – to buy, sell, renovate, redevelop or rent.

What Our Clients Say

  • 5 star review  Jenna​ Hilton had been very professional, knowledgable and friendly to work with. I recently had my property leased within a week and 1/2 and she had taken all the responsibilities in the whole rental process and thinking from me and manage my property with the "worry free" approach. Highly recommend her. Thank you Jenna again.

    thumb HS Chung

    5 star review  My dealings with Stephanie Wallace, the rentals manager for the property I was renting, was very professional and thorough. Excellent communication and quick response. Very fair in all respects. As your rental contact Steph was excellent.

    thumb Ron Schmidt

    5 star review  Olivia Scott is our property manager. She has been nothing less than absolutely amazing. We have had a few issues during our 2 year lease and not once has Olivia failed to answer any calls from us. She answers to every email straight away. Our building manager is very slow to reply but if we call Olivia she is straight onto the issue and contacts the appropriate areas. Not only is she super responsive, and pro-active but also super nice, friendly and easy to talk to. I have been renting for years and never had such a great property manager. Thank you Olivia, you are an asset to Longview Real Estate! I highly recommend Longview to anyone choosing a real estate agency for their property.

    thumb C March
  • 5 star review  My dealings with Danielle Clark have been perfect! She is extremely prompt, professional and so easy to deal with. Highly recommend Danielle and the team at Long View Real Estate to assist you with any of your Real Estate Needs.

    thumb Tia Kariotis

    5 star review  In my experience as a landlord, quality property management is all about people - no amount of process or systems can replace someone who cares about you as a client, and cares about what they do. I don't think I have met anyone as passionate about property management as Megan Taylor form Longview. She has spent a large portion of her life in property management and knows how to handle just about every situation. Most importantly, she wants to handle every situation, as is her genuine care supporting her landlords. In my experience, people like Megan are hard to find in property management. Highly, highly recommended

    thumb Ashley Kissick

    5 star review  I am not currently renting a property with this Real Estate, but, I have been dealing with them while applying and inspecting houses. Kate, and Megan have answered every single call and email promptly and have been super helpful for no other reason than my benefit. Very pleased with the friendly service.

    thumb Renae Sassmannshausen