Evaluating your Options


Before you hit the “Sell” button, it’s important to evaluate all your options. LongView will provide a thorough analysis of your property’s performance as well as the current market conditions to help you make an informed decision, in line with your family and financial goals.


Is selling (and selling this particular) property the best option or is refinancing, renovating or developing a better option?


Is now the right time to maximise the sale price? What unique factors influence when I should sell my property?


What is the best way to sell my property and which agent can I trust to deliver the best result?

Selling a property is irreversible. Mistakes in these three key steps can cost time and money. LongView’s considered approach helps our landlords maximise their outcomes when selling.




Longview Sales

When the time is right for you to sell, LongView can deliver better results because we do something no other agency does and it brings more buyers which brings more competition and higher prices. To get the largest number of buyers you want to attract BOTH local home owners and a wide range of investors.


Our Investor Advantage Pack gives investors all the information they need upfront while our Guaranteed Rent gives investors peace of mind when it comes to their rental income. Local home owner buyers will find your property no matter who is listing it, but LongViews’ investor focus drives more people to your sale, resulting in a higher sale price.


Why Sell with LongView?


Peace of mind that you will get the best results, with the least amount of stress. We only sell properties that we manage – because we’re best suited to do so.


Our four steps to a successful sale:




We use our in-house analytics team to ensure that we price your property correctly, from the start. This will have one of the biggest impacts on the success of your sale.



We market your property to all the traditional channels such as and We also market your property to our database of investors.



We expertly negotiate the sale with the buyer, ensuring you achieve the best possible sales price and take advantage of the market conditions to maximise your gains.



We manage the whole process and keep you informed every step of the way. We are able to interact with your tenants easily for seamless co-operation with the process.

LongView Vendor Advocacy

Longview Melbourne real estate a couple holding sold sign

This tailored sale approach is available exclusively to LongView landlords. We manage the entire sales process from start to finish with seamless results. We only partner with the best local agents to ensure sales optimisation and success. Best of all, it’s at no additional cost.

Less Time

Your property needs an expert.

We know your property and which agents with proven track records are best suited to partner with when selling your property.

We research the market.

Agents who try to “buy” your business with inflated figures or who don’t know their market inside out won’t be considered.

We manage the marketing & promotion.

Your money is only used on essential channels to attract buyers, not spent on advertising their agency. The sales method should be tailored to suit your property and today’s market.

Better Outcome

Choosing the right agent will impact the entire campaign and is critical for success. We ensure the sale price quoted is right, from the start.

Agents who try to “buy” your business with high price quotes are doing irreversible damage to their sale process.

If your property is investment grade, we will provide a LongView Guaranteed Rent contract for any buyer, ensuring investors are attracted to your property, and competition is increased.

No Extra Cost

We recommend only the best agents to partner with and then negotiate their best selling fees for you. The partner agent will pay a small fixed fee to LongView.

For the same price but avoiding all the pitfalls,you get the best local partner agent and professionally run sales campaign managed by the LongView team to ensure success.

Longview Melbourne real estate a couple holding sold sign
We work with the best agencies around Melbourne:

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