Evaluating your Options


Before you hit the “Sell” button, it’s important to evaluate all your options. LongView will provide a thorough analysis of your property’s performance as well as the current market conditions to help you make an informed decision, in line with your family and financial goals.


Is selling (and selling this particular) property the best option or is refinancing, renovating or developing a better option?


Is now the right time to maximise the sale price? What unique factors influence when I should sell my property?


What is the best way to sell my property and which agent can I trust to deliver the best result?

Selling a property is irreversible. Mistakes in these three key steps can cost time and money. LongView’s considered approach helps our landlords maximise their outcomes when selling.

Agent Selection


What’s the key to maximise your property sales price? Selecting a great agent. The best professionals usually get up to 5% more for your house than poor agents. That represents $100,000 on a $2 million property!


But how do you choose the top agent to sell your property? Just like a reliable mortgage broker helps you find the lender with the most attractive conditions, we compare different sales agents to give you the best option. Working with them is like second nature to us, so we know the territory and the lingo and all that goes with it.

LongView has the relationships and expertise to identify who is most qualified to sell your property depending on its characteristics and market conditions. Then we negotiate agent’s fees, the appropriate marketing program, and decode to you what’s happening while the property is on the market.


The partner agent will pay a small, fixed fee to LongView, meaning there’s no extra cost to you. As a result, you get the best partner agent for the same price but avoiding all the pitfalls.


We work with the best agencies around Melbourne:

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