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Like every Agent we sell properties on behalf of our clients, to Owner Occupiers and to Property Investors and Developers. But how we sell is different. Only LongView segments the market and provides differentiated value, marketing and information to these two different types of buyers. Why? To attract more interested parties, and the more interest you have for any sale, the better the competition and the better the sales price.

Sales process

Owner Occupier, Investor or Vendors Advocate?

Most properties will generate interest from Owner Occupier buyers who will find your property through the usual online channels such as These buyers need to be handled with care and diligence throughout the stressful process of finding their new home. They are looking for specific types of information; Is the terrace north facing? What brand are the appliances in the kitchen? How large is the backyard and garden? How far away from the local school is the property located? And for this group of buyers, the decision-making process is much more emotional. LongView has highly experienced Sales Agents who have sold hundreds of properties across Melbourne to Owner Occupier buyers.

But LongView also targets Property Investor and Developer buyers as well. These buyers may be local, but are equally likely to reside elsewhere, interstate or even overseas. Selling to Investor buyers is not a ‘local area’ activity. Instead they require information – ‘numbers’ – to do their homework, to help them chose between your property or the many competing properties they are reviewing. We help these Investors by preparing all their homework for them in advance. This information is presented as a LongView Investor Pack and contains all the relevant numbers upfront. No other agency provides this type of information specifically for Investor buyers.

We really want the best outcome for any Vendor! So unlike other Agencies, LongView also recognises that we may not always be the best Agent to sell a property. Where a property is a high value, luxury home, with special features and the potential to break suburb records, we would recommend a local area Agent. But how do you choose the best Agent to represent you? LongView can offer impartial, unbiased advice via our Vendor Advocacy service and help you get the best from your sale.


More investors and developers

Means more buyers, means a higher price.

LongView has created a unique package to make your property stand out and attract more Property Investor and Developer buyers than competing properties. That way, you maximise your price – regardless of who buys it.

We’ve Re-imagined Real Estate for Investors. We make your investment property uniquely attractive by offering what no other agency can:

  • An Investor Pack. Investors need numbers! Rental history, outgoings, land content, capital growth, maintenance costs. If your agent doesn’t do the homework for them, many Property Investors will still be trying to complete their ‘homework’ when the auction happens. We deliver the full package on day one of the campaign;
  • Guaranteed Rent. Property Investors and their banks need certainty. We guarantee the rent. In a contract. They can bank on it! (and so can their bank). Competing properties have guesswork, and empty promises;
  • Building Inspection Reports. We arrange for the reports to be completed at the start of your campaign and make them available to all buyers – saving then time and money, highlighting issues you can fix early and preventing the need for risky ‘subject to’ sales contracts.

Vendor Advocacy

When you should NOT engage us to sell your family home.

We know that no Agent can specialise in all manner of Real Estate. That’s why in some instances, we prefer to say, “We may not be the best Agent to sell your luxury family home”. But you can rely on LongView for honest advice about who you should appoint as the Sales Agent to get you the best price.

If your home:

  • is brand new or might be older, but has undergone extensive, high quality renovations;
  • features high value assets like a tennis court or swimming pool;
  • has the potential to break suburb records; or
  • is one of the finest in your area and the envy of those that visit
then it probably won’t sell to a Property Investor or Developer, but rather to another lucky family to become their new home. And in this circumstance, we believe an Agent who truly specialises in your location, your type of property and has a personal connection with your ideal Buyer, would do the best job. But how do you choose between the four or five top selling Agents who could be appointed?

LongView can undertake the rigours of finding the best Sales Agent on your behalf. We can give you unbiased, honest advice about the pros and cons of any of the Agents in consideration and present you with our findings.

Once you appoint an Agent, we can oversee the marketing, making sure funds are working hard for your property and not wasted of marketing their Agency. We can oversee the Agent throughout the inspection and communication process. Finally, we can be present for the negotiation or auction to remove the stress and emotion from the process and ensure you reach the maximum sales price.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it gives piece of mind that your high value asset will be managed expertly throughout the marketing, negotiation and sale process.

If you’d like to discuss our Vendor Advocacy services in more detail, please call Rachel on 0428 064 846.


Auction vs Private Sale.

Our Sales Agents can help you by outlining the pros and cons of Auction vs Private sale, specific to your property.. Generally speaking, auction is a great way to sell if you have a lot of competition and you if need to meet a deadline for the sale. Private Sale is great when you perhaps have a more usual property, or have more limited number of buyers, and aren’t restricted by time frame. Sometimes vendors just have a preference for one method or the other. We can execute both options really well and support our Vendors with whichever method they choose.

Guaranteed Rent

Regular income, same amount, every month, no matter what.

Vacancy between Tenants is the biggest financial risk most Landlords face. Suddenly you can face a
$2,000 – 5,000 hole blown in your cash flow while waiting for a new Tenant. Often at the worst time, when the mortgage payment is due or other life expenses are adding up.

That’s why we created our Guaranteed Rent product. So that you can get certainty about your rental income every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or not, whether the Tenant pays on time or not. We think it’s our job to manage the Tenants, so why should you cover the cost if we don’t do our job well?

Guaranteed Rent isn’t a magic pudding – it’s just a way of evening out the cash flow ups and downs from your property to make it smooth and predictable every month. We manage the ups and downs so you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Rent is a benefit whether you are buying, owning or selling an investment property:

Buy with
Guaranteed Rent

LongView will come with you to appraise any property you are considering buying (regardless of which agent is selling it) and tell you what rent you should expect. We offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract for it, so you have certainty of cash flow before you even buy. It’s like getting the bank’s pre-approval for finance – we give you pre-approval of Guaranteed Rent. No other agency will do that!

Manage with
Guaranteed Rent

If you are currently having issues with arrears with your current agent, any time you want, you can move your property from your current agency to LongView with a Guaranteed Rent contract. If it’s already tenanted, we will continue the tenancy with no disruption for you or the tenant. If it’s vacant and you need the money to start flowing, we’ll give you a Guaranteed Rent contract and your first cheque TODAY. No other agency will offer you that!

Sell with
Guaranteed Rent

When you want to sell your investment property, we will offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any buyer – so they and their bank have certainty about rental income. That makes your property far more attractive to Investors and Developers than even an identical property next door with no Guaranteed Rent. So that brings more buyers and a higher price for you when you sell. No other agency will offer you that!

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