Ruby Ellery Thornley

 Head of Digital Marketing

Phone: 1800 361 784

How long have you been in Real Estate?
I've been in Real Estate for about a year but have always loved the whole industry. I have been known to spend hours of down time on

What aspect of Real Estate are you an expert in, or what aspect are you most proud of that you do?
I would say that through my time at LongView, I have become an expert in what goes into the process of listing and selling a property, on top of the extensive marketing that goes into sales and rental listings. I am an expert in crafting narratives, and telling them in ways that speak to people. 

What is the most interesting non-Real Estate job you have ever had, and what about that job has helped you most in your current Real Estate role?
I was a mobilisation intern at Greenpeace Australia-Pacific. My job was to engage with the public around banning single use plastic bags in Australia. Engaging with people day in and day out is essentially what you do in any real estate job. It’s all about people! 

What is the one piece of advice you would give a new Landlord/Vendor/Tenant/Client?
I would say that there’s no such thing as a bad question. If you want to know more about any aspect of the process, ask! It’s amazing what you can learn, and what we can learn as professionals, by listening to the questions of our clients.