Lynn Collins

 Property Management Services Team

Phone: 1800 931 784

How long have you been in Real Estate?
35 years.

What aspect of Real Estate are you an expert in, or what aspect are you most proud of that you do?

Calming down tenants/landlord/neighbours with a solution which suits all parties.

What is the strangest/nicest/most interesting thing you have had to deal with, in your Real Estate career?

In the company of a very Senior Executive, I suddenly found myself being chased by several horses and climbing a fence to get away. The Senior Executive was laughing so much he took me out to lunch and said it was the best fun he had in ages.

What is the most interesting non-Real Estate job you have ever had, and what about that job has helped you most in your current Real Estate role?

Having my own business with a girlfriend making gourmet chocolates. That business gave me the confidence to sell my myself and what I can offer clients.

What is the one piece of advice you would give a new Landlord/Vendor/Tenant/Client? 

Too always have insurance and to take the advice of your Property Manager.