Investment Property Sales Case Study

Mark and Paula wanted to sell their investment property in Murrumbeena, to free up some funds for their retirement and to help their two children put down deposits for their own apartments.

Mark and Paula initially contacted a few well-known local agents to provide an appraisal and value the investment property. They also met with, and eventually appointed an agent from LongView.

Why? The LongView agent had a different selling proposition. He told Mark and Paula that he would find more interested parties than another agent, and he would do this by targeting not just Owner Occupier buyers, but Investor buyers too.

After all, the greater number of interested parties you have for any property, the better the likely sale price.

The agent was able to attract additional Investor buyers to Mark and Paula’s property sale by offering two unique services, no other agent can offer:

1) A comprehensive Investor Information Pack – which includes the rental history, the outgoings, land content, history of capital growth, maintenance cost history – all the things Investor buyers want to know, but generally can’t obtain from other selling agents or the Vendor.

2) A Guaranteed Rent offer – how much more attractive is a property to an Investor Buyer if they know they can obtain Guaranteed Rent payments on the same time every month, whether the property is let or not?

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