Buyers Service Case Study

Steve was looking to buy an investment property down on the Mornington Peninsula, which he wanted to earn income from now, and later in a few years, use as a holiday house.

After a few months, Steve found a property he thought would be a great potential investment, but wanted to understand more about the rental income, if the income would cover his loan repayments, as well as what capital growth he could expect over time.

Steve was a first-time Property Investor and felt sure there were other things he should be investigating, but didn’t know who to ask, or frankly, what to ask, so he could make an informed decision that would meet his short and long-term investment objectives.

Steve approached LongView (who was not the Sales Agent), for a Buyers Report on the property.

LongView provided a comprehensive report detailing rental income and capital growth history and expectations, maintenance history, and they offered Guaranteed Rent so that Steve did not have to worry about vacancy and arrears costs and knew he could comfortably afford his repayments.

With all this information at hand, Steve decided the property was the right one for him. He also engaged LongView to prepare the necessary Building Inspection Reports and provided an experienced Buyers Advocate to bid on the property at auction.

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