Andrew Kilsby

 Senior Property Manager

Phone: 0488 303 353

How long have you been in Real Estate?

More than three years as a Property Manager, but bought my first house in 1983, my second in 1989 and built my third in 1993, rented out two and have been a renter for short and long periods as well – so could say I’ve been in real estate for 35 years, on and off!

What aspect of Real Estate are you an expert in, or what aspect are you most proud of that you do?

I’d like to think that my knowledge of how the world works, my willingness to learn and my ‘can-do’ approach can all help Landlords and Tenants to reach the best, mutually beneficial outcomes. I’ve been on both sides so try and make the ‘blind date’ work - minimising the Landlord’s risk and maximising the investment return while looking for the best fit and most reliable Tenants I can find, for the property they will call home.

What is the strangest/nicest/most interesting thing you have had to deal with, in your Real Estate career?
Aren’t we all a little strange in our own ways?  I have dealt with all kinds of people. Engaging with everyone in a fair, friendly and professional manner is key to success in this profession.

What is the most interesting non-Real Estate job you have ever had, and what about that job has helped you most in your current Real Estate role?

The most interesting non-real estate job I‘ve ever had is to be parent to my now adult children. In is fulfilling, tiring, joyful, stressful, rewarding, frustrating, energising, demanding, enjoyable, challenging and remarkable!  As a Property Manager I try to apply the same experience, patience and understanding to the needs of Investors and Tenants alike, to resolve issues that arise, care for the properties and manage expectations as I do as a parent.

What is the one piece of advice you would give a new Landlord/Vendor/Tenant/Client?

For my Landlords, ask as many questions as you like to understand the Residential Tenancy Act and its ramifications for you and your Tenants. Hopefully I can play a part in ensuring that your property investment provides a solid return and that your Longview experience is outstanding.