Alberto Hodesch

PM Services Consultant

Phone: 1800 931 784

How long have you been in real estate?


I have been in Real Estate for about 4 months.

What aspect of real estate are you an expert in, or what aspect are you most proud of that you do?

Preparing reports. I feel proud knowing that I am a perfectionist in what I do. 


What is the strangest thing you have had to deal with, in your career in real estate?


One time I left the home open sign on the road for 3 days, and when I came back, it was still in the same place that I left it!


What is the most interesting non-Real Estate job you have ever had, and what about that job has helped you most in your current real estate role?


The most interesting non Real Estate job I had was being a stock exchange broker in Israel. What helped me the most in my current Real Estate job is that I needed to deal with people from all over the world, and learned what it is to give good customer service. 


What is the one piece of advice you would give a new landlord/vendor/client? 


To tell owners to wait for the right tenants to apply, rather than trying to rent their property as quickly as possible. Waiting for the right tenant could spare them a lot of pain in the future.