LongView Owners Corporation

Our Story

After years of dealing directly with owners corporations we came to understand the frustrations faced by many property owners: namely, the lack of accountability and transparency in the industry. We believed our clients deserved better. Following the same philosophy that guides all other areas of our business, we set about to raise the professional standard of owners corporation management.

At LongView Real Estate, we deliver on our promises. We provide attentive, reliable service, and ensure that when matters arise relating to your property, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.


You will receive the following essential services:

  • Immediate attention to urgent maintenance issues
  • A dedicated manager of your building
  • Six-monthly inspections of building and common areas followed by detailed reporting and a maintenance plan to all owners when required
  • Best price insurance and management for all building and common areas
  • Comprehensive financial control and reporting
  • Maintenance, security and upkeep of common areas
  • Organisation of annual general meetings and special meetings as required
  • Provision of owners corporation certificates as required
  • Daily management and advice on practicalities that arise
  • Access to our trusted and qualified tradespeople

For advice about your owners corporation, please call our office on 1800 931 784 or email oc@longview.com.au

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