I am a Landlord and Property Investor

LongView is the only agency built by Property Investors for Property Investors. We understand that property investing is a long game and that what you need is a combination of that long-term vision and trusted advice with diligent, practical every-single-day service in Property Management.

Property Management

Every Property Manager will promise you to do the basics – and so they should. These basics include: rental appraisals, advertising and open for inspections, tenancy application assessments, condition reports and leasing, management of funds through bond, rent, maintenance and other costs, rent revisions, regular inspections, notices to vacate, VCAT appearances, re-leasing etc.

But we also offer guaranteed service levels on these ‘basics’ and some innovative new products.

Our guaranteed service levels include:
1. Dedicated Property Manager
2. Response to every phone call within 24 hours;
3. A Landlord hotline open to you until 10pm every weeknight;
4. Contact details of your Property Manager and their Team Leader at the footer of every email you receive – so you never wonder ‘who should I call?’.
5. Regular client satisfaction calls and surveys to make sure we keep delivering better service.

If every other agency was serious about their Landlord and Property Investor clients and serious about Property Management as a profession, they’d match these service offerings. But no other agent will give you these commitments.


Guaranteed Rent

Our Guaranteed Rent means you receive reliable rental income, every month. Even if the property is empty, takes weeks to let, or there are tenant problems. No other guaranteed rent product in the market also covers for vacancy.


AirBnB Management

Do you have a friend who is earning substantially more rental income on AirBnB? Have you wondered if your property would be suitable for AirBnB or the hassle of listing and managing the bookings & maintenance as a full-time host? We offer AirBnB Management as well as traditional long-term rental services, so are able to offer unbiased advice on the income earning potential for both.


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Developer’s Remaining Stock

This property ticks all the boxes. It is certainly the right time to be buying the property at 4/307 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North - at $1,175,000. And the long term investment fundamentals are strong – Caulfield property has grown strongly over the last decade. 3 bedroom units have grown at 6.6% p.a. compound every year (so at this price that’s about $76,000 of capital growth every year).
March 06, 19   By  Evan Thornley
Property Sales
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Capital Growth equals land content and location value

Real estate is about more than location, location, location. It’s also about the AMOUNT of land you own in that location. The basic principle of capital growth in real estate is that the value rises fastest when the demand (the number of people who want the property) is growing faster than the supply (the amount of properties available that meet their criteria). 
February 23, 19   By  Evan Thornley
Property Market
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Reduce the funding required and risks of marketing costs when selling a property…

When listing a property for sale, conventional real estate agents usually require landlords to pay in advance for advertising and marketing. This restricts cash flow until the sale settles and proceeds are received. If the property doesn’t sell then the cost of advertising and marketing has to be worn by the landlord – resulting in a substantial loss without any benefit whatsoever. LongView believes this is entirely unacceptable and has a solution. LongView cuts any up-front payment to less than 20% of the cost of the advertising and marketing. No further payment has to be made if the property doesn’t sell. This reduces the cost of a failed sale campaign by over 80%.....
February 23, 19   By  Antony Cohen
Property Sales