Tenants get a fair deal at LongView

After Hours Tradespeople

For emergencies!

Outlook Electrical  |  0422 213 509 (Dean)   |  Melbourne Wide

Surelec Electrical   |  03 9416 4425 (Dean)   |  Melbourne Wide

Auburn Electrical   |  0419 341 052 (James) |  Auburn and Surrounds

RJG Electrics          |  0408 317 829 (Rob)      |  Eastern Suburbs

Fixed Plumbing      |  0415 518 003 (Aaron)  |  South Eastern Suburbs

Biskon Plumbing    |  03 9563 2755 (Dean)   |  Melbourne Wide

Chapple Plumbing |  0418 355 135 (Mark)   |  Eastern Suburbs

All Property             |  0412 834 211 (John)   |  Eastern Suburbs

Norther Plumbing  |  0419 390 950 (Mark)   |  Northern Suburbs

Ace Locksmith               |  03 9534 0586  |  Inner City

South Yarra Locksmith |  0418 364 837  |  Inner South Eastern Suburbs

Lockness Locksmith     |  0404 882 413  |  Eastern Suburbs

Precision Locksmith      |  03 9699 6811  |  Western Suburbs

Ardent Door       |  0414 293 330 (Steve)  |  Melbourne Wide

Smoke Alarms  |  1300 652 213                |  Melbourne Wide

SES                     |  132 500                          |  Melbourne Wide 

Good Tenants are gold

We choose our Tenants carefully and know that the vast majority will treat the property in which they reside, with respect and care. Tenants who exhibit this behaviour, pay their rent on time and attend to basic upkeep, are considered ‘gold’ and we love recommending them to our Landlords and Property Investors.

LongView is in the business of managing properties for the long term (not trying to sell ‘today’ like many other agencies). Our hope is to find high quality Tenants, in the shortest possible timeframe, for the longest tenure possible. We want to help Tenants have a residence for the long term and avoid situations where they are subject to marketing campaigns, open for inspections and all the other rigmarole involved in the sale of a rental property.

But sometimes it is necessary for a Landlord to sell. If this situation arises, LongView will work with Tenants to lessen the impact and inconvenience and we will always undertake the process with respect. Should the property need to be vacated at the end of the lease, we will also work hard to help our ‘Golden Tenants’ find a new property to lease.


Meeting expectations for a stable, long-term tenancy.

The relationship between a Tenant and a Property Manager is a two-way street. Both have rules to follow and both have expectations which need to be met.

When Tenants and Property Managers work well together, showing courtesy and adhering to the rules, the journey is pleasant.

Lodge a maintenance request

All maintenance requests should be lodged via the Our Property Tenant portal. By logging requests through Our Property, Property Managers can quickly begin arranging for the maintenance to be approved by the Landlord and undertaken by a qualified tradesperson.

Tenants are kept up to date of the progress of requests, and can liaise directly with the selected tradesperson to arrange a time for them to attend the property to carry out the works.

Details and logins for the Our Property App are provided at the start of a lease.

Sometimes emergency maintenance issues arise, and we ask Tenants to contact their Property Managers who will be able to provide immediate assistance.

If that Property Manager cannot be contacted, our team at the office can also assist.

However, if the emergency maintenance issue occurs after hours (as so many often do) all LongView Tenants are given (at the start of their tenancy) a list of emergency tradespeople and their contract details.


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