Guaranteed Rent

Our Guaranteed Rent means you receive reliable rental income, every month. Even if the property is empty, takes weeks to let, or there are tenant problems.

Here’s how it works

The details.


Establish market rent

We agree on the market rent for the property with you – per week and therefore per year.


Deduct turnover costs

We deduct the usual costs of Tenant turnover – letting fees, vacancy, advertising – Landlord Insurance and standard management fees. That leaves the amount you would usually be able to bank every year.


Guaranteed Rent

You will be paid this amount as regular monthly payments on the same day, every month, every year. No matter what. For as long as you want.


Peace of mind

We do the rest. It's called Guaranteed Rent.

Never lose out on rental income again

Even if your property is vacant!

Who loses money if your property takes multiple weeks to let?

YOU do, not your agent.

Who loses money if your agent tells you they can rent your property for $500 per week, but the market will only pay $460?

YOU do, not your agent.

If your Tenant doesn’t pay their rent, who loses money?

YOU do, while you cover rent/mortgage, pay for VCAT, pay to clean your property, and you lose any rent income which would otherwise have been earned between eviction and getting a new Tenant.

Can your agent guarantee to protect you from any of these losses in the future?

NO, because we are the only agency that offers Guaranteed Rent.

We are so confident in our service that we offer Guaranteed Rent so that you absolutely receive the same rental payment each month.

We pay the price if the property is empty, the Tenant is poorly selected, or we charge the wrong rent.


Guaranteed Rent

Transform how you buy, manage, upgrade and sell.

Whether you are buying, holding, upgrading or selling your investment property, LongView’s Guaranteed Rent contract can improve your outcomes.

It’s our job as Property Managers to find the right tenants and collect the rent. So it should be our problem, not yours, if we haven’t done that job well enough. No other agent sees it that way.

We are the only agency that will give you a binding legal contract for Guarantee Rent – at full market rent – so you can sleep easily and know your cash flow is secure - whether the property is tenanted or vacant or whether the tenant is on time with paying rent or not. We are 'putting our money where our mouth is' – ask your current agency if they are willing to do the same?

This is not a gimmick or a 'magic pudding' – our data scientists analysed thousands of property years of vacancy statistics to make sure we understand the risks. And our service team have created innovative approaches to minimising vacancy and rental arrears. So our hard work gives us the confidence to offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract you can bank on.

Buying: we will join you, free of charge, to evaluate any investment property you are considering across Melbourne and give you not just an appraisal of its value, but a binding contract for Guaranteed Rent if you buy it. So you can buy with certainty of income and confidence on cash flow.

Managing: we can offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any landlord at any time to make sure you never have to worry about vacancy or rental arrears again. You don’t have to wait until your tenant moves out and you are losing money to change agencies and get the security of LongView’s Guaranteed Rent. We won’t disrupt your tenants. And if your property is vacant or in arrears now, what have you got to lose?

Upgrading: considering a renovation, redeveloping or moving into AirBnB? LongView can offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract before you make the change – and manage the change for you – so you know exactly what the increase in income will be before you make the decision to upgrade your investment property.

Selling: if you need to sell your property, you want as many bidders as possible. By offering the sale with a Guaranteed Rent contract available, your property stands out from all the competition to attract additional investor attention. Whether they buy the property or bid up an owner occupier who buys it, the more investors that want your property, the better your price. And LongView Guaranteed Rent – along with our complete Investor Information brochure and up-front Building Inspection reports – make your property stand out and attract the extra investor buyers.


Guaranteed Rent

Regular income, same amount, every month, no matter what.

Vacancy between Tenants is the biggest financial risk most Landlords face. Suddenly you can face a
$2,000 – 5,000 hole blown in your cash flow while waiting for a new Tenant. Often at the worst time, when the mortgage payment is due or other life expenses are adding up.

That’s why we created our Guaranteed Rent product. So that you can get certainty about your rental income every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or not, whether the Tenant pays on time or not. We think it’s our job to manage the Tenants, so why should you cover the cost if we don’t do our job well?

Guaranteed Rent isn’t a magic pudding – it’s just a way of evening out the cash flow ups and downs from your property to make it smooth and predictable every month. We manage the ups and downs so you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Rent is a benefit whether you are buying, owning or selling an investment property:

Buy with
Guaranteed Rent

LongView will come with you to appraise any property you are considering buying (regardless of which agent is selling it) and tell you what rent you should expect. We offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract for it, so you have certainty of cash flow before you even buy. It’s like getting the bank’s pre-approval for finance – we give you pre-approval of Guaranteed Rent. No other agency will do that!

Manage with
Guaranteed Rent

If you are currently having issues with arrears with your current agent, any time you want, you can move your property from your current agency to LongView with a Guaranteed Rent contract. If it’s already tenanted, we will continue the tenancy with no disruption for you or the tenant. If it’s vacant and you need the money to start flowing, we’ll give you a Guaranteed Rent contract and your first cheque TODAY. No other agency will offer you that!

Sell with
Guaranteed Rent

When you want to sell your investment property, we will offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any buyer – so they and their bank have certainty about rental income. That makes your property far more attractive to Investors and Developers than even an identical property next door with no Guaranteed Rent. So that brings more buyers and a higher price for you when you sell. No other agency will offer you that!

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