Guaranteed Rent

What is Guaranteed Rent?

You get your rent on the same day every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or vacant, whether the tenant pays on time or not. You get your first rent payment the next day, even if the property is still vacant. We manage the risks so you don’t have to. We spent a year creating this unique service that no other agency offers on your current property.

What if i already have tenants?

If you already have tenants in your property, LongView’s “Zero Arrears” could help provide you with more piece of mind.

What is your actual rental return?

Find out how much are you earning in rent, after management fees and expenses

True peace of mind

Our Guaranteed Rent means you secure your cash flow for the duration of your contract. You’ll receive your rent at the same time each month, even when your property is vacant or if your tenant doesn’t pay. We’ll take care of it.

Never risk a late mortgage payment

Customise your payment schedule to pay your mortgage on the date that suits you, not when your tenant pays.

Get paid today for a vacant property

If your property is currently vacant, we will start paying the rent, no matter how long it takes us to find a tenant.

No disruption to current tenants

If you’re having a problem with your current agency, you can switch to a LongView Guaranteed Rent contract, swapping to LongView doesn’t disrupt your tenant at all.

No hidden fees or commissions

We don’t charge extra fees. It’s our job to find trustworthy tenants and manage your property properly. We now guarantee over $3m of rent for our clients at no extra charge.

Multi-year options

For landlords looking for long-term security, we offer longer contract periods up to 5 years. With your income secured for the long-term, you will have the peace of mind to plan for the future.

Vacancy Calculator

Case Study

Joan and David with fixed retirement incomes

Joan and David worked hard and prepared thoughtfully for their retirement with some cash investments and a small property portfolio. But never in their wildest dreams did they (or their advisers) imagine a world with less than 1% interest rates. So while the rent from their properties was meant to be for special things, they’ve come to rely on it for day-to-day expenses.

That’s why they can’t afford the risk or the worry of whether or not the tenant will be on time or how long it will take to get a new tenant. Joan and David can now enjoy their retirement with Guaranteed Rent from LongView – a bit like the fixed income securities they were going to rely on… before those interest rate cuts.

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What Our Clients Say

“Longview has been managing our investment property and from day 1 I have been impressed by the degree of respect and professionalism with which they treat me as a landlord, and my tenants also.”

– Claire K

“Very professional and compassionate agents who have helped me navigate the rental market. Two agents in particular, Tania Gunther and Cheyenne Newman, have been amazing, always available to help and go the extra mile.”

– Michael B

“Transferred over to Longview Real Estate at the start of the year after having a few issues with my previous property management company. They are very supportive and have given me piece of mind that my property is being sufficiently looked after.

– Andrea S