What is a premier listing?

A Premier Listing will appear at the top of the search results to attract potential buyers

The Premier Listing will have automatic rotation to the top of the search results, and this will occur every 15 days

A Premier Listing will reach a global audience with realestate.com’ international property network

What is an ideal week?

Ideal week is when property managers makes themselves available at multiple times during the week to show your property to prospective tenants, Tenants review the times and can book in at a time that suits them. When a prospective tenant books in the property manager may convert the time to an open for inspection. Ideal week increases the likelihood of finding a tenant because it provides flexibility outside open for inspection times.

Why choose professional photos?

When it comes to leasing or selling your home, first impressions count. For most home hunters most of the research starts online, therefore your photographs need to be of a high quality so you can attract tenants on first glance.


Think about it – when looking for a new home, the first thing most people do is look at the photos. Whether it’s online or in the local paper, people want to visualise the property not read about it. If they like what they see, then they’ll move onto the text.


So it’s really important that photos are done by a professional. It reduces vacancy and helps to find excellent tenants.


Why a professional?

The first reason is, of course, the most obvious: Taking photographs is their job. They know how to make areas look brighter, bigger and more inviting. Professional photographers know what areas will look best, and what angles will best capture the most desirable attributes of your home.


They know how to use the light to their advantage, and they know how to frame the room just right so it looks the best it can possibly look.


On top of this, professionals know how to retouch the photos further to make them even more appealing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they change the colour of your walls or add in grass that isn’t there, it just means they enhance the features they have already shot.


This especially comes in handy on days where weather doesn’t particularly cooperate, or when you have views. Often, the exposure needed inside will not capture the view in the best way. A little nip and tuck in editing software and suddenly you can see how beautiful the water is outside, while still taking in the space inside.


While you may be tempted to snap some photos and hit some buttons through Photoshop to show your property perfectly, professionals know where to legally draw the line. There is a clear difference between retouching to make best use of the light and retouching to falsely represent something. For example, trees, neighbouring buildings or cracks in the walls cannot be removed as this misleads the consumer. ­


It’s all in the details- great!

Why choose a for lease board

Additional exposure for the property for people driving or walking by

It notifies the surrounding community of the leasing opportunity. A neighbour may have a friend that is looking to move to the area but hasn’t yet been searching online.

Assists potential tenants to find the property when they are coming to the open for inspection.

How will a tenant search for my property online?

On realestate.com tenants can search for properties in a range of $25 increments

On Domain tenants can search for properties in a range of $50 increments

Why would I change to Guaranteed Rent?

Guaranteed Rent – You get your rent on the same day every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or vacant, whether the tenant pays on time or not. You get your first rent payment in 10 days or less, even if the property is still vacant. We manage the risks, so you don’t have to. We spent a year creating this unique service that no other agency offers on your current property.

What is a comparative market analysis?

A comparative market analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently rented or sold. Real estate agents perform a comparative market analysis for their clients to help them determine a price to list when leasing or selling a home.

Why do we recommend pricing adjustments as part of your leasing plan?

We recommend price adjustments so we can meet the supply and demand of the market. If the property is priced too high, then the property wont lease in a timely manner which means less money in your pocket. Sometimes your property leases at one price for one tenancy but the next time it leases at a higher or lower amount. This is because each time your property is advertised the market conditions are different. It is important to not make the costly mistake of trying to get the same rent just because you got it last time. It is better to receive $10 or $20 less rent per week then to miss out on a full 3- 4 weeks rent. We factor in price adjustments to our leasing plan because we know that time is money. If your property has not leased after 2 weeks, it is important to adjust your price to meet the market

Why can’t the rent be accurately predicted when the property is first advertised?

The supply and demand of tenants changes all the time. As a result, establishing rent for a property is not an exact science. We always want to get the best return for our landlords, so we like to aim high but sometimes conditions change in the tenancy market, so we have to be agile and flexible and adjust when we need

Are there any other tips to ensuring my property is leased in a timely manner so I don’t miss out on rental income?

We recommend not setting rental prices that are $10 above a search increment. For example, $410 or $560. It is better to advertise your property at $400 or $500 as this will capture all tenants who are searching in the price bracket immediately below as well as above. This means you increase your pool of available tenants which means you have greater choice when selecting a tenant. Having a quality tenant is important. You want to be able to choose an excellent tenant rather than taking a chance on someone because that’s the only application you received. Pricing your property correctly means you reduce your risk of vacancy; attract better tenants and long term you have a greater chance of a stress-free tenancy.