How long will it take for my property to rent?

We aim to find high quality Tenants in the shortest possible timeframe. The time it takes to find the right Tenant depends on a number of factors, including rental price, demand in your area and location of your property and how ‘ready’ your property is to rent (Ie no outstanding maintenance or repairs required and vacant).


What are your Property Management fees?

At LongView we charge a management fee as a percentage of your monthly rental income, as well as a letting fee for each tenant, or lease renewal. Please call to speak with our Property Management team for more information on fees.


How much will my property rent for?

Your property will be inspected by a senior member of our Property Management Team who will provide you with a comprehensive rental appraisal including data to show the suggested rental income based upon actual comparable properties of a similar type in a similar location.


What is the Tenant selection process? Can I select the Tenant?

We carefully screen all Tenants who submit a rental application for your property. Screening involves identification and ‘means of income’ checks as well as previous tenancy references and workplace references. Once we are satisfied that we have conducted a thorough Tenant screen, we will recommend a preferred candidate to you, for consideration.


Should I take out Landlord Insurance and what does it cover?

We work to ensure that all our clients take out comprehensive Landlord Insurance to minimise loss or income. Landlord Insurance covers against loss of rent due to default, malicious damage, theft or burglary by the Tenant (or their guests) as well as Content and Public Liability protection. Some of the better policies also cover pet damage. In the event of a claim, your Property Manager can assist you with your application to ensure you receive the best outcome. For more information, please contact your Property Manager.


What is Guaranteed Rent and is my property eligible for Guaranteed Rent?

Guaranteed Rent, unlike Landlord Insurance covers you for vacancy, which is the more common and costly risk. Guaranteed Rent ensures you get paid every month on a specified date whether the property is tenanted or not, at a price we agree on up front. Landlord Insurance is included in the Guaranteed Rent package.


If my Tenant falls into arrears, what is the process to get them to vacate?

Our current Residential Tenancies Legislation prohibits any formal action until the Tenant is over 14 days in arrears. We communicate with our Landlords ahead of this time to seek their approval to issue a Notice to Vacate should the rent remain outstanding by the 15th day. Once a Notice to Vacate is issued the Tenant has 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice, to either pay the outstanding rent or vacate. Prior to the expiration of the notice period we will make an Application to VCAT for an Order for Possession and Rental Arrears to mitigate any possible loss for our Landlord. During this period your Property Manager will be in communication with both parties. If the rent remains unpaid by the date of the VCAT Hearing your Property Manager will attend as your representative and obtain the required Order. For more information, please contact your Property Manager.


How many inspections will you conduct on my property? Can I attend the inspections?

The frequency of property inspections for rented premises in Victoria is legislated to intervals of “not less than six months”.  However, we are permitted to conduct the first inspection three months after a Tenant moves into your property and routine inspections are scheduled every six months thereafter. You are welcome to attend the inspections. By law, Tenants must be notified in advance of an inspection taking place and are also able to be present during the inspection. We also always prepare a thorough inspection report with photographs which are sent to our Landlords for their records.


Why should I choose LongView as my Property Management Agency?

Because LongView does more than collect the rent. We are a Real Estate Agency founded by Property Investors for Property Investors just like you. We are an agency that wants to help you make the big decisions well, and then deliver the details every single day. Our definition of success is when you’ve done well enough to be able to buy another property. And another.


What is the process you use to follow up arrears?

Our arrears process is automated and is starts by sending email and text message reminders, followed by telephone contact, to Tenants whose rent is not paid by the due date. This action will continue until either the rental is paid or a Notice to Vacate is issued.


Should I renovate my property, and will I earn higher rent?

Modern kitchens and bathrooms will always appeal to a prospective Tenant and generally bring about a higher rental yield and lease quickly. Heating and cooling are now an expectation and a property without cooling will be difficult to lease during the warmer months which in turn will affect the rental return.


Do you have reliable tradespeople that don’t over charge? Can I obtain quotes myself on maintenance and repairs?

Yes, LongView has sourced excellent, reliable high-quality trades people. We manage over 2,000 properties across Metropolitan Melbourne and we only utilise the best tradespeople who offer value for money service. We also obtain multiple quotes for any maintenance or repair job, so you can rest assured we are sourcing the best prices. You are always welcome to request your own quotes from your own trades people as a comparison.


How do I switch to LongView?

Switching to LongView is easy and free. Once you provide us written permission to manage your property, we take care of the rest. We contact your former agent, obtain your property files, transfer bonds and collect keys. We also introduce ourselves to your Tenant (if your property is tenanted) and provide them with new payment details and information on being a LongView Tenant.

Can I break my lease (Tenancy Agreement)?

Tenants can break their lease during the lease period but must keep paying their rent until another Tenant is found and continue to maintain the property. A Tenant who breaks their lease will also be liable to reimburse the owner any advertising costs and a pro-rata letting fee. For more information please contact your Property Manager.


How do I get my bond back?

Once you vacate a property, your Property Manager will conduct a final inspection comparing the condition of the property with the Condition Report prepared at the commencement of your tenancy. If there are no issues a Bond Claim Form will be provided for your signature and your Property Manager will submit this to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) who will return the bond directly to you. If there are issues that need to be addressed in the property, your Property Manager will give you the opportunity to address those issues (either cleaning or repairs), or alternatively you can elect to use your bond (or part thereof) to have those issues rectified.


Can a Landlord give notice to vacate whilst I am in a lease?

No, a Landlord cannot give you notice to vacate while you are still in your lease period unless you are in Breach of the Tenancy Agreement. Any notice to vacate must be provided and coincide with the end date of the lease.


Can my Landlord increase my rent?

A Landlord can increase your rent either when your fixed term Tenancy Agreement expires or if your tenancy is Periodic at intervals of not less than six months. If your rent is increased, and you feel it is unfairly high, you may request that this be reviewed by Consumer Affairs Victoria who will then arrange for several independent agents to evaluate what they consider to be the correct rental price range.


How do I lodge a maintenance request?

All maintenance requests can be lodged through our maintenance program - Our Property. Details and logins for the Our Property App are provided at the start of your lease.


Can an additional person be added to the Tenancy Agreement?

Yes. An individual can be added to the Tenancy Agreement with the written approval of the Landlord. This is classified as a lease assignment, and there may be fee involved for this process. Please speak with your Property Manager to discuss your options.


I have separated from my partner can I remove his/her name from the Tenancy Agreement?

Yes. An individual can be removed from the Tenancy Agreement but will require the written agreement of all parties. This is classified as a lease transfer, and there may be a fee involved for this process. Please speak with your Property Manager to discuss this further.


How many inspections will occur during my tenancy?

The first inspection is conducted three months after a Tenant moves into a property. Routine inspections are conducted every six months thereafter. You will be notified in writing, in advance of any inspection occurring.


Who do I contact for an emergency maintenance?

We recommend your contact your Property Manager for any emergency maintenance. If you cannot get in contact with your Property Manager, please call our office on 1800 931 784 for contact details of relevant tradespeople. We also provide a list of emergency tradespeople, to all Tenants at the start of any tenancy.


I have lost my Tenancy Agreement, how can I get another copy?

Please contact your Property Manager who will arrange another copy to be emailed/sent to you.


My maintenance issue has not been resolved, can I withhold my rent?

No. Your Property Manager will try their best to ensure all maintenance issues are resolved quickly. Sometimes however, there are elements of repair that fall outside our control, for example, how long a part may take to arrive from overseas. Overall however, your Property Manager together with our tradespeople will respond as quickly as possible and keep you up to date with progress.


I live in an apartment building and the common property garage door is broken, who do I need to contact?

Please contact the Owners Corporation. This information is generally listed on the external wall of the building. The Owners Corporation are responsible for maintenance and repairs to all common areas of a building.


My neighbour is very noisy who do I contact?

If you live in an apartment block, please contact the Owners Corporation. If you do not have your Owners Corporation details, or live in a house, please contact the police.


Why there are so many ‘best local agents’?

Before the internet, buyers would find their home by walking into an agent’s office and discussing what they are looking for, a bit like a travel agent. Of course, now everyone uses realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. But many, if not most of the buyers (who may pay the best price for your property) are Investors. And the majority of them won’t be local because they are looking for the right numbers, not the right property. The ‘best local agent’ is not the best person to sell your property. LongView is – because we specialise in buying, managing and selling investment properties for Landlords and Property Investors as well as marketing to the local Owner Occupiers to create competition and secure you a premium price.


All Real Estate Agents are the same. What makes LongView different?

LongView is the only agency built buy Property Investors for Property Investors. We see things a bit differently. And that’s why we’ve created a unique set of products that help you sell your investment property for the maximum price.

No other agent can offer all buyers a Guaranteed Rent contract for your property – so they know for certain that they will receive steady rental income no matter what. That makes your property stand out versus the competition.

No other agent prepares a complete Investor Information Pack that is available from day one of your sales campaign. We do all the homework and numbers for Property Investors, so they don’t have to. It saves them weeks of work and makes your property easier to buy than all the competing properties. By saving them time and giving income certainty, we make your property more attractive to Investors than competing properties.

Everything we do, makes your property stand out versus all others, and that brings more Investor buyers and that gets you a better result. No other agent can do this.


What my property is worth?

Assessing a property’s value is not based on what appears on Google. Other factors such as land content, building type, condition and location all make a difference. Our consultants will review how your property compares to the most recent sales of similar properties in similar areas, to assess price. We also focus on attracting the largest number of buyers to your sale, because the more interested buyers we attract, the higher the sales price you will secure. We segment the market into Owner Occupier buyers, and Investment Property buyers and use very different methods to approach both these segments. We offer them a range of products that serve their individual needs as buyers. No other agency offers this service.


But how do you know another Investor will buy my property?

We don’t. Your buyer may be a local ‘Owner Occupier’. LongView caters to all Owner Occupier buyers with courtesy and diligence like every other agent. And for those buyers, marketing your property’s ‘sun lit lounge room and Smeg appliances’ or other lifestyle features will be the focus.

But, the data says, 47% of property researchers are Investors. And they want … numbers. What is the history of capital growth? How much land content? What’s the rental history? What are the outgoings? What’s the maintenance history? These and many other questions are the ‘homework’ that Investors do before deciding between your property and hundreds of others they may look at – often all over Melbourne or all over Australia.

So, to make your property stand out and get the maximum number of Investor buyers, as well as ‘Owner Occupier’ buyers in the local area, you need an agent that specialises is helping Landlords and Property Investors as well as Owner Occupiers because that means you get the most buyers. And more buyers means more competition and a better price!


How does Guaranteed Rent work to help me sell my property?

LongView’s Guaranteed Rent product is a unique offering which ensures the owner will get the same rental income every month, no matter what – whether the property is empty or tenanted, whether the Tenant is on time with their rent or not. It’s the safe-haven for Property Investors who know they need to pay the mortgage every month and can’t afford to risk vacancy periods with no income and extra expenses. By selling your property with a Guaranteed Rent contract available to any buyer, they can bid with certainty, knowing that they (and their bank!) will see steady rental income every month no matter what. That makes your property stand out from the crowd and that gets you a better price. No other agent offers this product to help sell your property.


I need my money fast – how quickly can you sell my property?

We understand that most Property Investors would love to own their property forever – getting ever increasing income and capital growth. If you need to sell your investment property, it’s often because of some other urgent need for the money. We are Property Managers for the investment properties of thousands of clients – many of whom may be looking to buy another – so we can market your property directly to them ahead of the auction campaign to get you the chance of an even quicker ‘off-market’ sale. We can run a short and sweet campaign and focus on buyers with short settlement periods. But we can also work with you to understand your need for the money. Maybe you don’t need to sell your property at all? Maybe there are other ways to use your property to finance your other needs without needing to sell? Our consultants aren’t here to do high pressure tactic selling to get your business – we’re here to help solve your problem. Talk to a LongView consultant and we can help present all your options. No other agent understands the unique needs of Landlords and Property Investors like LongView.


Why would you do a Building Inspection up front?

We know that most serious buyers will commission a Building and Pest Inspection before they bid on your property – or will want to buy it ‘subject to’ such an inspection. This takes time and money and presents a barrier to them moving fast to buying your property. By doing an independent inspection up front, we have all the information they need right away, saving them valuable time and money, and making your property more attractive than the competition to time-poor buyers. We may also discover some defects you can quickly correct that could otherwise kill a sale when the buyer finds out some unexpected bad news. Either way, by doing the inspections in advance for all buyers, we maximise the chance that you will get a quick and painless sale with no surprises for you or the buyer.


Should we renovate before we sell?

Most agents will tell you NO! Why? Because they want your business today. To sell today. To make their money today. We want to give you honest advice to get you the best price. If renovating your property can add much more than it costs and you are able to wait the extra time, we will advise you to do so. We will also advise you what to renovate, how much that should cost, how much extra rent and extra sale value it will create and put you onto reputable builders and trades people or manage the project for you. But if there is only extra time and expense and no extra benefit (which can also often be the case), we will advise you against it. Either way, you’ll get honest advice


Which method should I use to sell my property, auction or private sale?

Our Sales Consultants can help you with the pros and cons of Auction vs Private sale, specific to your property. Generally speaking, auction is a great way to sell if you have a lot of competition and you if need to meet a deadline for the sale. Private Sale is great when you perhaps have a more usual property, or have more limited number of buyers, and aren’t restricted by time frame. Sometimes vendors just have a preference for one method or the other. We can execute both options really well and support our vendors whichever method they choose.

Does receiving the same rental payment each month, even if the property is empty, sound too good to be true?

We put our money where our mouth is – we are excellent Property Managers who keep our properties rented with high quality Tenants. If that is true, we earn our fees, but if we don’t, we lose money instead of you!


If you’re a good Property Manager, none of those bad things should happen anyway, right?

Yes, we agree. But we are the only Property Manager who is willing to back our claim to be good at our job by putting our money on the line instead of yours.


Do I choose the Tenant or do you?

We recommend a Tenant for you to approve. Since we are now taking on the risk of the Tenant not paying their rent, we have an incentive to secure the best possible Tenants for your property. Recommending Tenants is something we do thousands of times per year. We also take out Landlord Insurance for you as part of the Guaranteed Rent package.


What happens if I want to sell my property?

Let us know and we can end the Guaranteed Rent early. If we sell the property for you (we are experts at selling investment properties for Investors to Investors) then we will waive the break fee as our thank you for your loyalty. If you sell through another agent though, then there is a cost to break the guarantee as we have worn the expense over time. The amount of the break fee depends on the number of years left on your contracted guarantee.


Can I sell my property with the Guaranteed Rent to the next buyer?

Yes. And this is a unique benefit of our Guaranteed Rent. It gives your property a competitive advantage over other properties on the market as it comes with guaranteed income. We are happy to sign over the remainder of your guarantee to the new buyer or sign a new one with them – this brings you the best price when you sell.


Who pays for maintenance?

A Landlord is always responsible for maintenance. But unlike other Property Managers we give you two options: 1) pay when it’s done, like with every Property Manager. Or 2) set a budget together at the beginning of the year so there are no unwanted surprises for your cash flow. You choose.


How long does the Guaranteed Rent last?

As long as you want – our minimum is 12 months and we will give guarantees for up to 5 years.


How is this different from Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance only protects you against malicious damage by a Tenant. It doesn’t protect you from vacancy – not having a Tenant – which is the more common and costly risk. And it doesn't protect you from rent being less than an agent told you it would be. Our guarantee protects you from both these scenarios – you get paid every month whether the property is tenanted or not at a price we agree on up front. Landlord Insurance is included in the Guaranteed Rent package.


How is this different from Defence Housing?

Defence Housing have offered a rental guarantee for many years and it has been a very successful offering. Which is great, if you think that those properties will generate you the best capital gains. But we believe the best capital gains are mainly to be found in the other 98% of Australia’s investment properties that are not Defence Housing and that these Landlords should be able to get Guaranteed Rent as well – that’s why we are offering our guarantee to any Landlord for investment properties – especially the ones with strong capital gains potential.


How is this different from a developer selling a new apartment with a Rental Guarantee?

Sometimes developers offer a short term ‘rental guarantee’ to help them sell a new apartment. These are usually for a limited period – 12 months or maybe 24 months – and are often at inflated ‘rent’ because the developer is trying to convince you that the apartment is a better investment than it really is. What often happens is that once the ‘guarantee’ expires, the Landlord discovers to their horror, that the real market rent is a lot lower and they have to adjust to less cash flow and often find their apartment has lost value. We don’t do this. We only give a guarantee for the real market rent the property will generate. And that’s why we are happy to offer it for a long time – we’re not trying to sell you something else – just to help you manage your existing investment with steady and predictable cash flow.


What happens if the property rents for more or less than the guarantee?

No one can predict exactly what amount Tenants are willing to pay, and this can change over time. In consultation with you, we will agree on market rent by comparing similar properties in a similar location. Then we take on the risk of whether that agreed price is correct or not. If the property can't be rented unless we lower the price, then we lose money, but you don’t! Unlike other agents who offer unrealistic estimates to secure your business, if our estimate is inaccurate, you won't lose money. If your property rents for more than our agreed level, then we will make a little money and you continue to get the guarantee. Heads you win, tails you don’t lose.


Can any rental property get the guarantee?

We are confident that we could offer Guaranteed Rent on about 80% of all investment properties. We cannot offer a guarantee on properties in poor condition, or those with very unusual layouts or in very poor neighbourhoods. We will tell you up front if we cannot offer a guarantee.


What happens if the Tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

You still get your Guaranteed Rent whether the property is tenanted or vacant, whether the Tenant is up to date on their rent or not. That is the point – we take on that risk, so we are the ones who lose money if it doesn’t happen – not you. No other Property Manager will offer you that.


What happens if the property is vacant?

That is our responsibility and our problem. You will be paid your Guaranteed Rent even when the property is vacant. You can imagine then that we will be extra careful when we choose your Tenants and make sure we deliver them the same excellent service we give you. Because any vacancy is now our problem, we have an additional incentive to find great Tenants, keep them happy and ensure they want to stay in your property over the longer term. A happy Tenant makes a happy Landlord and, now, a happy Property Manager who has to cover the cost of vacancy when they leave.


Why should we trust you to pay the guarantee – will you be in business next year?

Our business is a combination of three Property Management agencies that have been in business for a collective 38 years. We manage over 2,000 investment properties for over 2,000 Landlords. We have been doing this well for a long time – now we are just adding a fresh offering to meet a need we see for Landlords that has never previously been met.


How do I know my property will be well looked after? Do you still do regular inspections?

Absolutely. We always do regular inspections every six months. With our money on the line, we have even more incentive than any other Property Manager to make sure the property is rentable and the Tenants are meeting their responsibilities.

My investment property is in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, would it be considered suitable?

That depends on the specific location. The local ‘supply/demand balance’ in any area can often surprise people. While less tourists may be seeking accommodation in outlying suburbs, lots of family and business travellers may be – and there is often a shortage of supply. We review the supply/demand balance in your area as part of every AirBnB appraisal – we don’t follow blanket rules or gut feel.


My investment property is a house, not an apartment, is this suitable for AirBnB?

Often more so! One of the shortest supply areas for accommodation is for group travellers – families, wedding parties, business groups. As there are usually very few options for these groups, pricing is often more attractive to owners of houses, townhouses or large apartments than it is for ‘typical’ small apartment AirBnB’s, which have a lot of competition. And there are less issues with adjoining apartment occupants and new regulations. A well-located house may be one of the most attractive options to move from traditional rental to AirBnB.


How do you ensure that my property would not be trashed like you sometimes here about from AirBnB hosts?

There are multiple stages of vetting to ensure only good guests book the property. Firstly, have they got a healthy base of reviews from their previous stays? Secondly, what can we learn about them from their social media and general online presence (usually a lot – whoops those wild party photo’s may be a mistake …). Thirdly, we ensure we have appropriate security bonds, especially for large and valuable properties. Fourth, we meet the guests at check-in and ‘eyeball’ them to make sure they are who they said they were, both in actual identity but also in behaviour. Fifth, if we have any concerns, we check back at the property after check-in and on the first and/or second night of the stay. Finally, we recommend short-stay Landlord Insurance and utilise the full insurance and million-dollar guarantee provisions of AirBnB.


I don’t have time to manage the bookings, will you take care of that too?

Absolutely. We manage every element of the process for you – from furnishing, styling and photographing your property, to writing listing copy to corresponding and negotiating with potential guests, to full customer service of guests, linen provision, cleaning and bill paying. You are welcome to do any part of the process yourself, but you don’t have to do any of it. Just collect your money every month – actually we even do that for you!


What type of properties are the most suitable for AirBnB?

Popular tourist locations will always have many potential guests, as will well-located properties near the bay, beach, city and public transport. But there are also many family and business travellers to the suburbs looking for short and medium-term accommodation. There is often an assumption that AirBnB’s are all 1 and 2Br apartments. These dwellings when well located, can certainly be attractive, but there is also a big market for group travellers who find it very hard to find places to stay outside a large, expensive hotel. LongView has therefore found houses, townhouses and large apartments can generate exceptional yields in AirBnB, if managed effectively.

Properties that have some real character and style, both in the building and the furnishing will always stand-out over standard, boring sameness. And in AirBnB, you really do ‘sell off the photograph’.


My investment property is unfurnished, can I still list on AirBnB?

Yes. We can arrange furnishing for you. It is important to understand that it only makes sense to pay for furnishings if you intend to stay in AirBnB for a few years or you have another use for the furniture if you don’t. We can also arrange a lease of furniture to you if you don’t want to risk a purchase.


How do you work out the rental rates per night on my property for AirBnB?

Fortunately, there is a mountain of price data available in AirBnB itself to help us set pricing. It’s also important to understand that pricing per night changes dramatically – week nights versus weekends, peak times versus slow season. We will give you our estimate of the average price over the course of the year from this data, but the actual pricing per night will need to be managed closely, on a daily basis, to maximise occupancy and revenue to you.


How do you calculate if I am better off listing my property on AirBnB vs long term rentals?

We take many factors into account – it’s a complex calculation – pricing, seasonality, occupancy levels, all the additional costs versus standard rent (cleaning, linen, utilities) and the timing and risk for you. While the calculation is complex, often the answer is very clear. AirBnB is either much better or so similar or worse that it’s not worth the risk. If it’s a knifes-edge call, we would advise you against going into AirBnB given the higher uncertainties. But if the case is compelling and the extra income potential for you is attractive, then we would advise to proceed, while outlining the risks and uncertainties.


Who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance if I list my property on AirBnB?

We manage all these processes for you. Cleaning is paid for by guests, maintenance is paid by the owner, as it is in traditional rental.


Who will check for broken or stolen items from my AirBnB?

Our agents keep an inventory and check list of every item and its condition and do a full condition report before and after every guest. Guests are billed for any loss or damage incurred.


Can I get Landlord Insurance if I list on AirBnB and what does this cover?

Yes you can. There are specialist short-term furnished Landlord Insurance policies and we can arrange this for you and recommend you take out this protection.


Can I book the property for use myself, or for my family and friends use?

Yes you can. That is one of the benefits of putting a property into AirBnB - the flexibility. Be aware that there are potential tax consequences, however – we can talk you through these in detail if you want to go down this path.

Is your advice independent or are you paid by developers or financiers or others to sell me things?

LongView’s advice is completely independent and never driven by commissions from any other party. Our sole interest is in helping you become the most successful Property Investor you can be – and if we are your trusted advisor on this journey, we are confident we will have a strong business.


How does your buyers’ service work?

We offer you free assessments of the quality, rentability and likely capital growth potential of any property you are considering as an investment. We will give you a pre-approved LongView Guaranteed Rent offer before you bid, so you can know in advance exactly what your income will be. We expect that by giving unbiased and fearless advice – even if it’s not what you might want to hear sometimes – you will trust us to help you buy, manage and occasionally sell your investment properties over the lifetime of your property journey.


How do you assess my property portfolio?

Firstly we start with your needs and objectives – income versus capital growth (of course we all want both!); timeframe – years to retirement, objectives for children or other family members’ property or financial needs; where your property fits into the rest of your financial portfolio; what your preferred risk/reward profile is etc.

Then we assess your existing portfolio against those objectives and market benchmarks and the shape of your financing profile for that portfolio to consider whether it is optimal. Sometimes people have the right properties and the wrong financing structure; sometimes they have some strong properties and some which could be sold to finance purchasing superior assets; sometimes you have a great portfolio, but it’s not one that will meet your objectives.

We give you what we call a ‘Full Spectrum Appraisal’ of each of your properties and your portfolio as a whole to consider all the alternatives for the portfolio and every property in it – do they have development potential; does a renovation make sense; should this one be sold to finance a better asset; what about AirBnB and so on. The decisions are always yours – we just want to provide you with a rigorous analysis of all of your options, so you are empowered to make those decisions which will be most beneficial over the long term.


How do I know your advice will be for my benefit, not for yours?

We know, the Real Estate Industry hasn’t exactly got a reputation for integrity or long-term thinking. We know – most Real Estate Agents imagine you asking “Is now the right time to sell?” to which they always answer their own question “Yes! Today is the perfect time to sell”, and so they chase a short-term dollar at your expense. Tell you a happy story about what your home will sell for, then pressure you to sell it for a lot less six weeks later because the market has mysteriously turned … That is not our business.

At LongView we recognise that property investing is a long game and we seek to be your trusted adviser through the whole journey. We ask for fair payment for our services as they are delivered – be that daily service in Property Management or the occasional sale or assistance in buying another investment property. Because we provide a full spectrum of property services to our clients, we have no need to push your or pressure you down any particular path or for any particular decision. We see ourselves as a professional services firm who’s role is to act and advise in the best interests of our clients – much as a quality lawyer or accountant does – and trust that the long-term relationship we build will sustain a successful business over time. We’re here for a lifetime relationship with you, not a one-night stand!