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During the month with this change in market sentiment in mind, we advised a client who had contracted to sell a property in Brunswick subject to finance to take a risk by declining the buyers request to extend the time available to secure finance
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While most of the real estate industry is driven by Sales only and with the market in downturn, many local agencies are struggling and laying off staff. LongView, with a focus on helping clients make good property investments, is growing. And we are looking for outstanding people who want to help us transform the real estate industry and create a professional services grade experience for our clients.
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Property is a long game, that’s why Longview is changing the way we think about Property Management and Real Estate, with better services for Landlords and Property Investors, like Guaranteed Rent and AirBnB management. It’s time for a fundamental mindshift in the industry, here’s what The Age has to say about LongView and why it matters to you and your property.



The accidental real estate agent: Tech entrepreneur starts own agency

By Simon Johanson

From LookSmart to property management, entrepreneur and investor Evan Thornley is taking a long view on real estate.

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