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Is Airbnb Right For You?

Why is it no agency can answer this basic question; “Is Airbnb right for me and for my property?”. All the traditional Real Estate Agencies say “No” because they don’t understand it, have no experience or capacity to manage it and don’t understand the risks. There are new Airbnb agencies who always answer “Yes” even when it isn’t right for you or your property, because that’s their business. Only LongView looks at the issue from your viewpoint and the specifics of your property. We assess income differences, occupancy levels, furnishing and other costs, regulation and neighbours, risks from bad guests and many other factors. We give you the ‘low-down’ on each option so you can make an informed decision.

We give an accurate assessment of the returns from Airbnb versus traditional rent and recommend the best option to meet your needs

We can provide furniture solutions and financing

We inspect the property before and after every guest so it gets even closer attention than a traditional rental

You can set “own use” times for you or family members to use the property

St Kilda

Traditional Rent – with expected vacancy:

Guaranteed Rent:


$27,582 p.a

$28,938 p.a

$31,545 p.a

Mont Albert

Traditional Rent – with expected vacancy:

Guaranteed Rent:


$29,355 p.a

$30,763 p.a

$36,498 p.a

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Would your property make more money in Airbnb?

What Our Clients Say

“Longview has been managing our investment property and from day 1 I have been impressed by the degree of respect and professionalism with which they treat me as a landlord, and my tenants also.”

– Claire K

“Very professional and compassionate agents who have helped me navigate the rental market. Two agents in particular, Tania Gunther and Cheyenne Newman, have been amazing, always available to help and go the extra mile.”

– Michael B

“Transferred over to Longview Real Estate at the start of the year after having a few issues with my previous property management company. They are very supportive and have given me piece of mind that my property is being sufficiently looked after.

– Andrea S