AirBnB Management

Have you thought about AirBnB and whether you could earn more rental income on this short-term leasing market?

Will AirBnB make more

Than a traditional rental?

Many of us have family or friends who claim to make more money with their property in AirBnB. We’ve seen our own properties generate 50% more cash flow under AirBnB and we’ve seen people make disastrous decisions that cost them money and anguish. So why is it no other agency can answer this basic question; “Is AirBnB right for me and for my property?”.

All the traditional Real Estate Agencies say “No” because they don’t understand it, have no experience or capacity to manage it and don’t understand the risks.

And there are new AirBnB agencies who always answer “Yes” even when it isn’t right for you or your property, because that’s their business.

Only LongView looks at the issue from your viewpoint and the specifics of your property. We assess income differences, occupancy levels, furnishing and other costs, regulation and neighbours, risks from bad guests and many other factors. We give you the ‘low-down’ on each option so you can make an informed decision. Call Tim Beasey on 0401 834 474 or email us at for a free, no-obligation assessment of your property's AirBnB potential.

You need unbiased advice

From a trusted friend.

Once we’ve given you the assessment of alternatives and you make a decision, we can deliver on either – AirBnB or traditional rental.

If you choose AirBnB, we can manage furnishing, styling, photographs, listings copy, handle all booking enquiries, meet and greet, linen, guest care packs, local area guides, meet and greet and manage the review process and any disputes.

If we think your property will do very well under AirBnB but it doesn’t suit your risk profile, we can even offer you a Guaranteed Rent deal well above what you could get in traditional rental and then we manage the risks without you needing to worry.


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