Accidental Landlords

Did you inherit your investment property? Or Is it an old family home you decided to keep and rent out, once you moved to a new home? Then you’ve become an Accidental Landlord.

We manage properties

For Accidental Landlords too.

We manage properties for hundreds of clients who have become ‘Accidental Landlords’. Many of them never imagined owning an investment property. Many aren’t sure what to do with it? Should they renovate? Should they sell? Could they borrow against it to spend on their own home, or to buy another property?

Most of the time, we find that there are new and often exciting options that our Accidental Landlord owners hadn’t considered or didn’t feel confident to explore on their own. And that’s where we come in.

At LongView we believe that investing in property can be the best way to create a prosperous retirement and wealth for future generations, but these outcomes don’t always happen ‘by accident’ – they are most likely to occur as a result of careful planning and deliberate decisions.

Your journey from Accidental Landlord to seasoned Property Investor is about to begin.


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