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If you look at the websites of almost every Real Estate Agency, they say the same things. They are the ‘local experts’ to sell your home. But for a lot of people, that’s not what they need.

We were a group of Landlords and Property Investors who felt the Real Estate Industry wasn’t serving our needs, so we decided to build an agency that did.

We decided to start from scratch, to be clear about the specific needs of Landlords and Property Investors (and not just service Owner Occupiers), and then we imagined what such an agency would look like.

It turns out to be very different to every other agency – that’s why we say ‘Real Estate Re-Imagined’.

LongView vision

To create a level playing field for all.

Everyone who aspires to invest in residential property should be able to get honest, unbiased advice, diligent and caring service, and, over the long term, great results to build a prosperous retirement and wealth for future generations.

We believe we perform a basic and vital role in our society – ‘helping people provide homes that other people live in’ – a job that has to be done really well for everyone to get their basic needs met.

We believe that buying, managing, improving and selling investment properties can and should be a seamless set of decisions and services over decades.

We have one team, no ‘departments’, no separation, one approach to every client relationship through the life cycle of buy, manage, improve and sell, or better still, buy, manage, improve and buy more as wealth increases.

Fundamentally, we believe the Real Estate Industry has lost its way and lost the trust of its clients. We aim to restore that trust by working together and sharing the ‘long view’ that property investment requires.

Our history

In 2013 a group of professionals from various backgrounds got together to talk about their experiences in Real Estate, as Landlords, Property Investors and Tenants. With a background in Silicon Valley, we were familiar with how to change the mindset of dinosaur industries, to bring modern solutions using the latest technology and questioning ‘why has it always been done this way?’

As an aside, one of our group said, “Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a happy Landlord”. And so began a conversation. Many of us were Landlords and Property Investors. Why were we all so universally unhappy with the way the Real Estate Industry treated us?

It became clear that almost all Real Estate Agencies are owned by Sales people. They treat Property Management as the poor cousin. And since 70% of sales by volume (85% by value) are Owner-Occupied homes, investors got rotten service even when selling their investment properties, as well as in on-going management. Very few Real Estate Agencies could offer any advice, let alone honest advice, on how to buy a good investment property, whether or how to improve it, whether a set of properties was an optimal portfolio or any other serious questions.

So we found the best Property Management Agencies and partnered with the women who built them – Cath Stubbings at Interface Property Group, Anne Warren at True Property Management and Robyn Adair at Stockdale and Leggo Glen Waverley to create a Landlord and Property Investor-focussed powerhouse we call LongView Real Estate.


Why LongView?

Because property investing is a long game and you need an agency that can serve your needs well every single day for decades. You can then take the ‘long view’ and build for a prosperous retirement and wealth for future generations.

As we looked at our own experience and talked to hundreds of other Landlords and Property Investors, we realised that many of the needs we had were not being met by anyone in the industry. Things like:

  • How to provide stable cash flow.
  • How to avoid loss of income at times of vacancy.
  • How to maximise rental returns.
  • Could a property earn more leasing through AirBnB?
  • Should a property be renovated?
  • How to really attract more buyers to a sale.
  • Who can help ‘Accidental Landlords’ or novice Property Investors?
  • How to overcome liquidity and diversification issues in property investing.
  • How to evaluate a property you have purchased or are interested in purchasing.
  • And so much more.

We’ve set out to Re-imagine a Real Estate Agency than can answer all these questions for Landlords and Property Investors and provide honest, unbiased advice and diligent, caring service in meeting those needs.


Our team

We know that Real Estate is not just about property, it’s also very much about people, their finances and their long-term aspirations. And that means there’s a lot of trust required from our Landlords and Property Investors to help them buy, manage, improve and, if needed, sell. Unfortunately, trust is a commodity which is generally in short supply in Real Estate, but we want to change that.

Our team are the same as you. We are a group of Landlords, Property Investors, Tenants and aspirational Property Owners, all with long term dreams of attaining financial security through property investing. Come meet us in more detail.


The Content Hub

We want to create trusted, long term partnerships with our Landlords and Property Investors. We believe that we can start this process by sharing information which is useful and educational. We have built a ‘Hub’ which contains Real Estate-specific content including market and economic commentary, some of our own opinion pieces and we have also include articles of interest written by third parties. We will continually add more content to the content hub each week. Learn more.


Guaranteed Rent

Regular income, same amount, every month, no matter what.

Vacancy between Tenants is the biggest financial risk most Landlords face. Suddenly you can face a
$2,000 – 5,000 hole blown in your cash flow while waiting for a new Tenant. Often at the worst time, when the mortgage payment is due or other life expenses are adding up.

That’s why we created our Guaranteed Rent product. So that you can get certainty about your rental income every month no matter what – whether the property is tenanted or not, whether the Tenant pays on time or not. We think it’s our job to manage the Tenants, so why should you cover the cost if we don’t do our job well?

Guaranteed Rent isn’t a magic pudding – it’s just a way of evening out the cash flow ups and downs from your property to make it smooth and predictable every month. We manage the ups and downs so you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Rent is a benefit whether you are buying, owning or selling an investment property:

Buy with
Guaranteed Rent

LongView will come with you to appraise any property you are considering buying (regardless of which agent is selling it) and tell you what rent you should expect. We offer you a Guaranteed Rent contract for it, so you have certainty of cash flow before you even buy. It’s like getting the bank’s pre-approval for finance – we give you pre-approval of Guaranteed Rent. No other agency will do that!

Manage with
Guaranteed Rent

If you are currently having issues with arrears with your current agent, any time you want, you can move your property from your current agency to LongView with a Guaranteed Rent contract. If it’s already tenanted, we will continue the tenancy with no disruption for you or the tenant. If it’s vacant and you need the money to start flowing, we’ll give you a Guaranteed Rent contract and your first cheque TODAY. No other agency will offer you that!

Sell with
Guaranteed Rent

When you want to sell your investment property, we will offer a Guaranteed Rent contract to any buyer – so they and their bank have certainty about rental income. That makes your property far more attractive to Investors and Developers than even an identical property next door with no Guaranteed Rent. So that brings more buyers and a higher price for you when you sell. No other agency will offer you that!


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