Securus – Latin for “free from care”. It’s all about safety in numbers.


Our Guaranteed Rent offering feels like it has come of age in the last few months. The happiest landlords in Melbourne have been receiving every cent of their rent on the day it was due, no discussions about rent relief for struggling tenants and no worries about their property becoming empty or needing to be re-let at a lower price.


We feel that Guaranteed Rent has shown that even under extreme pressure, the platform has delivered exactly what our clients asked for – safety and security.


So we thought it was time to give it a proper name – reflecting the benefits it provides – and we came across the word Securus – which is Latin for “free from care”. It felt right.


And because the strength of Securus comes from the pooling of rent from all clients on the platform so that no one client suffers loss, we realised it represented one of LongView’s highest values – “safety first” – and does so from the diversity benefit of a portfolio. Hence “safety in numbers”.


We will shortly be expanding the offering to include your maintenance costs as well so that you can ensure that unexpected or expensive maintenance items don’t suddenly make a mess of your budget either.


So with a platform that pools a large number of clients’ rent to ensure no one suffers loss, then spreads the risk of unexpected or expensive maintenance across the group as well, and incorporates landlord insurance and smoke detector tests, we think we have created a scalable comprehensive platform to reduce risk for landlords.


So please welcome into the world, our newest offering:


Securus by LongView. Removing risk by joining a community of like-minded landlords. Safety in numbers.