Which Property Would you have bought in 2011?


In 2020 the result of your choice in 2011 would have resulted in the values shown in the chart below:




What should you do if you picked the wrong property in 2011?


A common approach is to wait for “the market to pick up” ….

A better approach is often to sell the property and buy a better one. As the chart below shows the cost of switching properties is likely to be dwarfed by the improved capital growth achieved by owning the right property.




LongView now provides buyer advocacy services to ensure that we help you choose the property to buy wisely and then negotiate the best possible price for the acquisition.

If you:

  1. Want to know how your property is faring and what we think you should do with it; or

  2. Are considering buying a property – whether as an investment or as an owner occupier

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