LongView is excited to announce that the next evolution of our successful Guaranteed Rent option is now here! Many of you will have seen the change in our recent marketing campaign “Vacant today, rent paid tomorrow”, it’s just another way we are bringing innovation to the forefront of property investment. 


Since Guaranteed Rent’s launch in 2018, it has been structured so that the first rental payment to clients is made after 10 days of the property being in a lettable condition.  


The benefits of Guaranteed Rent since launch are clear: In ten days the client receives a month’s rent in advance, based on an agreed market rental and subsequently receives the agreed income on the same day each month for the period of their guaranteed rental contract (2-5 years) even if the property is vacant, is rented at a lower price, or if the tenant is late paying rent. This is innovation that the rest of the industry still fails to catch up with. 


We also have learnt over time that investors utilising Guaranteed Rent are more satisfied. This is most recently validated in our February Net Promoter Survey. In fact, Guaranteed Rent clients are 17 NPS points more satisfied than clients on a traditional management arrangement.  


So what is the change?  


As a result of that NPS survey, we learnt that clients would be even more satisfied if we could provide a solution that would ensure investors experienced zero cashflow impact when their investment property became vacant, especially in tenant turnover periods.  


After further research and analysis, we have been able to update the guarantee arrangements with zero impact to cashflow at the time of tenant vacating. 


Wnow do this the next day (subject to inspection) after your tenant vacates with no cashflow impact or price reduction concerns. 


Guaranteed Rent is an option available to all LongView clients at any time whether your property is vacant or leased. Contact your property manager today to see how this option would work for you.