New Year’s Resolution – Get the Right Investment Property – it’s never too late!

We see many clients who give up and sell their investment property because it didn’t create the wealth they’d hoped and they exit property investment altogether. This is a shame. Many of us don’t get things right the first time – the problem isn’t property investment – it may be that you bought the wrong property. While that can be hard to admit, it can be fixed.

The critical thing to understand is that if you have bought the wrong property, it IS possible buy a much better property without breaking the bank. To be clear, there are costs in switching, but typically those costs are recovered in the first 18 months – 2 years and then you get further and further ahead over the coming years and decades. The difference between a “fast train” and a “slow train” over the next 15 years can be one worth more than double the other. It’s a bit like the superannuation ad’s you might be familiar with, but the differences are even wider.

Good property versus poor property is like this … only more so!

It’s not surprising that many people buy the wrong investment property. There are so many unscrupulous agents, property developers and “spruikers” trying to get properties off their books by finding investors to buy them. Inevitably, if a property is hard to sell, it’s because it’s probably not a great property – the great properties fly out the door – often before even being listed.

But if you think you may have bought the wrong property, come and talk to us – we won’t try to sell you anything, but we can analyse the quality of your current investment and advise whether you are better off selling it and buying something much better. Not something we are selling – we will help you buy on the open market – from the huge supply out there every week from all the other agents. We help clients buy the investment property that meets their needs. We can help you sell what you have, get the finance to bridge if you need it and buy the one that really meets your needs. And we will do the whole thing for no more than other agents will charge you for selling your property and walking away.

But the time to move is now coming. As the property market continues its rapid recovery,  poor properties that may be “underwater” (sell for less than you bought for) may get back to where you can get your money out again and then buying a much better property before the market moves too far upwards will require discipline, expertise and the capacity to make good judgements in a short period of time. That’s where we can help.

So if you think you could do better than what you have, call Mark Brilliant on 0450 101 955 and he can walk you through how we can assess your current property against your needs, sell it for you if it doesn’t work for you and, most importantly, find something that really will create long-term wealth for you going forward and help with all the selection and negotiations to get it right this time.