Last month LongView leased an incredible 80 properties – a company record! It was an amazing feat for our team. So what’s our secret? How do we manage to be so successful at leasing properties? We have seriously thought about the problem in ways that other agencies certainly have not.

There are a few things that we do to make sure that we lease properties quickly and efficiently.

1. Professional Photography & Premier Listings.

Have you every scrolled through rental listings and been shocked by the amount of poorly lit clearly i-phone quality photos? We have. It shocks us every day how low quality most rental listing photography is. It’s always important to show your property in the best light. Not only does it make it stand out against the competition but well presented properties attract better tenants. When you see the difference between our professional photography, and other listings, it’s evident the difference that it makes.

Once we have taken professional pictures of your property, we make sure to advertise it as a premier listing, so that the it stands out even further against the competition. There’s no point in investing in beautiful pictures if no one can see them amongst the clutter of rental listings. Premier listings put your property at the top of the search page, and advertise your property in a larger format than non-premier listings. We understand that advertising your property is extremely important because it’s how most tenants find the homes they’re interested in. Making a good first impression online is the crucial first step.

2. Open For Inspections on Saturday AND Sunday

Once we’ve advertised your property to the highest quality, and have attracted the kind of tenants that we want, we need to be able to show those tenants your property. Most agencies are pretty inflexible with their OFI schedule. They’ll open your home on a Saturday, and if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll also have a mid-week open. The problem with this is that not all tenants work on the same schedule. Maybe they have commitments during the week, or they have to take their kids to school sports on a Saturday. What we don’t want is the perfect tenant missing out on your property because they couldn’t find time to come and inspect it. That’s why we make sure to open your property on Saturday, Sunday and Mid-week if we think that it will help attract the right tenant.

3. Competitor analysis & Pricing

When we advertise your property, we want to make sure that it is shown in the most competitive light possible. We do extensive research of the competition – meaning similar properties in the area – to make sure that we have a good and current understanding of pricing, so that we can strategically price our properties to ensure they receive maximum exposure.

Once we’ve finished our research and consulted with you on where we think we should price the property, we make sure that we’re agile in changing that price if it’s not achieving the goal of attracting good tenants. We don’t let properties sit on the market, vacant for months, with the same price. If we aren’t seeing the results that we expect within the first week or so, we’re quick to make the necessary changes to make sure you’re not going week on week without rental income.

We take our job seriously in leasing your property, and it shows in our results. It’s one of the many ways we go above and beyond for you to make sure your investment property is performing as well as it can be.