What is your Role at LongView? 

I’m a Client Manager at Longview – my role consists of managing investments on behalf of my clients and providing advice when it comes to all matters of property management. This includes advice around related legislation, lease campaigning, all tenancy matters, upkeep of property and the rental market.

What is one thing that you have learnt while working at LongView? 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Together, we have been able to provide holistic advice to our clients by compiling years of property management experience across many different situations. Moreover, when we work together not only is the support always behind you, but we also make steps to changing the future of the industry.

What do you love most about working at LongView? 

Trust, trust, trust! From the start, I was welcomed, trusted and valued. I’ve built a good relationship with LongView as a whole; I’m trusted to do my job AND provide input on other matters throughout the company to affect real change. It’s very rewarding and I’m very thankful!