All maintenance needs to be reported in writing by completing our simple maintenance request form. To do this go to this link and follow the prompts.

The form itself asks a few questions and requires you to upload a photo or video. If we have the information that we need we can action your request faster. After submitting, you can expect an email confirming we have received your request. Within 24 hours, one of our maintenance coordinators will reach out to help troubleshoot the issue or gather more information. Should the landlord’s approval be required you will receive an email that the request has been sent for approval. Once we receive an answer it will be passed along to you. If trades have been contacted their details will be forwarded along in an sms.

Our hope is to action issues quicker with better communication. Your comfort is our priority.

Tips for Submitting Maintenance

· Provide as much detail as possible. We like to read! Send a novel if that is what is required to outline the problem.

· Take a picture or video that clearly illustrates the problem. If you tell us the kitchen faucet is leaking attach a video that clearly shows where and how the faucet is leaking.

Moving forward, every email you receive from your property manager will have this link at the bottom.

Click on the “Submit Here” button you will find yourself at the submission form.