As we approach winter the risk of mould in our homes increases as we try to stay warm. Condensation occurs when warm air inside our homes comes into contact with very cold surfaces. Unfortunately, condensation promotes conditions suitable for mould to grow and thrive! Mould loves dampness, darkness and poor ventilation. Reducing dampness and cleaning regularly is the key to a mould free home!

How can we reduce condensation and help control mould?

  • Open windows and doors to ventilate your home and reduce the humidity level especially when showering or cooking.
  • Regularly clean exhaust fans and rangehoods to ensure they are working effectively
  • Reduce long hot showers
  • Wipe away moisture on windows and walls to keep your home dry
  • Leave internal doors open to allow air circulation through the property
  • Open curtains and blinds to allow natural light into your home
  • Clean your bathroom frequently
  • Clothes and shoes must be dry before storing them
  • Clean evaporation trays in air conditioners & refrigerators frequently

If mould does occur, try to remove it as soon as you can as once it has been there for a while it is difficult to remove.

Some suggested treatments are

  • Mould removal sprays available from supermarket
  • Tea tree oil- put 2 teaspoons in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water and spray onto surface.
  • Apply an 80% white fermented vinegar solution directly on the surface and leave for 30 minutes and then lightly sponge with clean water

Remember it’s important to physically remove the mould because just killing it may allow it to grow back.