Among the largest barrier for most people listing their property on Airbnb is the cost, time and hassle associated with furnishing the property. Additionally, the quality and style of the furnishings can directly impact your guest reviews and therefore potential bookings and earnings – so it is important to get it right. By way of example, people who list their property on Airbnb with eclectic or poor-quality furnishings often achieve significantly lower income than if they had furnished the property with the mass Airbnb market in mind.

The cost associated with furnishing a property generally starts at $6,000 for a 1 bedroom property, and can go into the tens of thousands for larger apartments and homes. Many people struggle to find the time to select, purchase, co-ordinate and assemble the furniture without evening knowing if it is optimal for AirBnB. Additionally, if you do decide to engage a design specialist, their fees can start at $5,000+ before you even get to the furnishings. So, before you’ve even started, you can be looking at a significant investment (in the tens of thousands) without even knowing if Airbnb will pay-off!

After hearing this concern from many of our clients, LongView has launched an all-inclusive Furnishings service where we will either furnish your property for an upfront fee or you can hire furnishings for a set weekly fee. The Furnishings hire service allows you to simultaneously assess the true net returns you are likely to achieve on Airbnb in comparison to a conventional lease. It removes the up-front cash investment required to furnish the property. Better still, if you decide to sell the property, move back in, or move it back to a conventional lease, LongView will remove the furniture, saving you the time, hassle and cost of moving and selling the furniture yourself.

LongView’s furnishing service is available for Conventional Airbnb management or Airbnb with Guaranteed Rent – allowing eligible clients to easily assess the additional cash returns they will receive without having to worry about the cost and hassle of furnishing their property. Our aim is to ensure that no additional effort or risk is required on your behalf, whilst at the same time providing a superior financial return.

For further information or to determine if Airbnb is suitable for your property, please contact Tim Beasley – Head of Growth Projects on 0401 834 474 or