We take a different approach to Selling your property – it might come as a bit of a shock compared to the industry norm. But before we get into how we’re different, let’s start with something that we all know to be true: The more buyers you have interested and committed to buying your property, the higher the sale price will be.

This is hard to argue with.

Most local agents will claim that the way they get the most buyers to your home is by having a secret database of local buyers and a plethora of local knowledge. This narrative will not be new to most of you – it’s what many agents rely on to get your sales business.

What local agents won’t talk about, however, is that there are two categories of buyers: Homeowners and Investors. Many agents only focus on presenting your home in a way that attracts homeowners. The problem with this is that it neglects a significant portion of the market: Property Investors. Without marketing to investors, you limit the pool of potential purchasers. You don’t want to do this because as we discussed above, more buyers = higher price.

The truth is that with the internet and realestate.com.au, homeowners find properties by themselves – they no longer need to rely on local agencies by walking down to the local shops to see what’s advertised in the window. Thanks to the internet, purchasers can come from all over the city, state and even country. LongView makes your property stand out to everyone.

We do this with our unique offerings that include:

  • An Investor Pack. Investors need numbers! Rental history, outgoings, land content, capital growth, maintenance costs. If your agent doesn’t do the homework for them, many Property Investors will still be trying to complete their ‘homework’ when the auction happens. We deliver the full package on day one of the campaign in our online listing and print brochures;
  • Guaranteed Rent. Property Investors and their banks need certainty. We guarantee the rent. In a contract. They can bank on it! (and so can their bank). Competing properties have guesswork and empty promises;
  • Building Inspection Reports. We arrange for the reports to be completed at the start of your campaign and make them available to all buyers – saving them time and money, highlighting issues you can fix early and preventing the need for risky ‘subject to’ sales contracts.

Now lets be clear, although we can market to property investors in a way that no other agency can, we will sell your property to whoever offers the highest price – whether they are an investor or not.

In actual fact, the data that we present throughout the campaign helps increase the number of both investors and homeowners by helping them make educated purchasing decisions. Rather than focus on increasing the foot traffic through your doors, we focus on increasing the number of committed buyers interested in your property by giving them all the information they need up front.

We help you achieve a higher price by helping more buyers feel more confident about the purchase they are about to make – it’s the LongView way.

For further information please contact Daniel Baise – Sales Consultant on 0412 344 589 or daniel.baise@longview.com.au