Cut marketing costs without compromising your sale.

When listing a property for sale, conventional real estate agents usually require landlords to pay in advance for advertising and marketing. This restricts cash flow until the sale settles and proceeds are received. If the property doesn’t sell then the cost of advertising and marketing has to be worn by the landlord – resulting in a substantial loss without any benefit whatsoever.

LongView believes this is entirely unacceptable and has a solution. LongView cuts any up-front payment to less than 20% of the cost of the advertising and marketing. No further payment has to be made if the property doesn’t sell. This reduces the cost of a failed sale campaign by over 80%.

If this seems like a stark contrast to conventional real estate practices, it is. At LongView, we consider this value added service like an insurance premium so we can make as many options as possible available to you as part of the sales process.

*Subject to case by case approval.

For further information on how you can reduce the cost and minimise the risk of advertising and marketing your home, please contact Tim Beasley, Head of Growth Projects on 0401 834 474 or