Owners’ corporation levies are often a substantial cost for apartment owners, but those costs frequently come with bad service. Complaints we often hear include slow or no responses to emails and queries, failing to account for expenditures, no maintenance oversight and engaging negligent maintenance contractors. The list goes on to include weak enforcement of body corporate rules and poor communication with members.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with any of these issues on your own. LongView’s owners’ corporation management business (soon to be called LongView Owners Corporation) can act on your behalf.

For example, we will represent you at owners’ corporation meetings and benchmark the performance of your owners’ corporation. If your owners’ corporation doesn’t measure up then we can take over the role and guide you through the process of making the change.

If you would like us to assist with these activities please liaise with your property manager, or contact our Owners Corporation Manager, Rama Murugesu on  0427 513 239.

Ultimately, if your owners corporation does not measure up to the necessary standard we can assist by taking over the management role. The process of changing owners corporation manager is outlined below.

Check existing strata management agreement
Ensure that you check the terms of the existing strata management agreement, including the termination dates and notice requirement period, as the current manager may add additional charges if the agreement is terminated early.

Hold a committee meeting
A committee meeting will need to be organised and there should be a motion at the committee meeting to change the existing strata manager.

Hold a general meeting
In accordance with the relevant legislation, agreement and body corporate rules, you will need to hold a general meeting to confirm the appointment of a new strata manager.

Making the change
Your new strata manager can provide you with a checklist of what you need to do and assist the committee with the process.

Check with the new strata manager to ensure that they have acquired all records and files and have converted all accounts to their software and bank accounts. It is also important to inform the outgoing strata manager to close any bank accounts associated with your Owners Corporation immediately and to ensure no outstanding funds are deposited in old bank account.