LongView is committed to constantly improving our client service and making your experience smoother and less troublesome. But like most local agents, we’ve done so to date on software than is frankly 20 years out-of-date. After spending years in Silicon Valley some of us were shocked at how backward the local agency world is in technology adoption.

So we have now located a worlds’ best practice modern software package that will allow us to customise our service to you, work remotely through mobile agents and keep track of all of your needs and preferences, so you only have to tell someone from LongView something once and it will always be known by everyone you ever deal with in future. We will be able to track our commitment to return every call within 24 hours.

You won’t need to do anything, but you may notice some changes over coming months as we implement the new software – the format of your Statements will change a little and, if we are honest, there may be the occasional glitch in our service as the change beds down (as is usually the case with new software). But we think you’ll appreciate the further improvements in our service that the new software will enable us to deliver to you. And we will be calling you to make sure we know all the things you want us to know about your property/ies, and your service preferences so that we can ensure we always tailor our service to those needs going forward.