Many times over the last few months we have spoken to our clients about rental property vacancy – the period in between one tenant moving out and the next one moving in – and the associated loss in rental income and change-over expenses.

Vacancy can come quite suddenly –  a month-to-month tenant only needs to give you 28 days notice – and can be very expensive, typically 2 to 4 weeks of lost income plus advertising costs and letting fees. Suddenly your stable rental income has a big hole in it for a month or two – often costing you several thousand dollars. We have seen clients have to cancel holidays, delay medical or dental work or needed car repairs when suddenly facing a tenant departure they hadn’t planned for.

That’s why we created LongView’s Guaranteed Rent solution. Because we manage nearly 2,000 properties all over Melbourne, our JOB is to manage for minimal vacancy. And since it’s our job, it should be us who lose money if we don’t do that job well. No other agency will take this responsibility. So in the last few months, we’ve had 47 clients join our new Guaranteed Rent solution where LongView guarantees the same monthly payment every month – whether the property is tenanted or vacant; whether or not the rent has been paid on time. This gives our clients peace of mind and allows them to plan ahead, assured of steady cash flow from their rental property. Some people think it sounds too good to be true – but if you read how we can do this on our website, or read what The Age wrote about us,you’ll see that this can and does work.

If you have a tenant who might give you notice to vacate any time soon, or you have another property with another agent and want the certainty of Guaranteed Rent, call your Property Manager or Andrew Drake now on 0428 064 846 or email and learn more. Vacancy is a ‘preventable disease’ – why risk the pain and suffering when you don’t have to any more?