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When the time comes to sell your investment property, no one knows whether your buyer will be an Owner Occupier or another Property Investor. But we do know this: the more interested parties you have, the better the chance of receiving a great offer. And the key to having more bidders is to get more investor buyers interested.

Every Real Estate Agent will promise: “We are the local market experts and we have a secret database of buyers in your area”. Let’s be honest, the ‘secret database of buyers’ is called and! And if Owner Occupiers are looking for their new home in the neighbourhood of your investment property, then they will find it themselves.

Real Estate Agents can’t impact the number of Owner Occupier Buyers in the market at any given time – the number who are ready to buy and who are eager to make an offer, will be about the same for any competent agent.

However, in the age of the internet, the same is NOT TRUE for investor buyers.

Investors will look at many investment properties all over Australia, via and and will receive daily alerts whenever a new property meets their specified criteria. In fact, Investor Buyers are spoiled for choice; and that’s the problem. Any serious investor has more possible properties to consider than they can ever fully assess, let alone visit, let alone do the legwork necessary before making a bid (pest and buildings, finance pre-approval and S32 review by lawyers).

So the extent to which we can help them to do their due diligence determines whether they will submit an offer or bid for your investment property. And the more investors submitting offers/bids, the more likely you are to get the highest price.

The number of Investor Buyers interested in your property is NOT a localised activity either. They could be a local, or come from somewhere else in Melbourne, or somewhere else in Australia, or somewhere else around the world.

So how do you get the largest number of Investor Buyers willing to make an offer or a bid, to your sale?

We have worked to create a specialised package for Investor Buyers that no other agency offers. And consequently, we believe no other agency is better equipped than us to bring you the maximum number of investor buyers, thereby increasing your chance of securing the highest price.

So what is our secret sauce? Three things…

1. A comprehensive Investor Information Pack from day one of the campaign: It’s great to mention the sunlit loungeroom and the Smeg appliances. For Owner Occupier Buyers these are important features.

But for investors, they also want to know: What’s the rental history or guide? What are the outgoings? What’s the land content? What‘s the history of capital growth on this property or similar properties in this neighbourhood? What’s the maintenance cost history?

Most selling agents can’t provide more than one or two of the answers. It’s frustrating. So, when Property Investors are left to collate and analyse this data themselves, it takes weeks of work for them to even decide if they are interested in progressing to the next stages of due diligence.

Every property we sell that is likely to attract investor buyers has an accompanying 6-page Investor Information Pack available from day one of the campaign. Pages full of numbers. So, any Investor can tell immediately whether it meets their financial criteria and move onto the next stage. This dramatically increases the number of Investors who may come to bid on the property. And that’s your best guarantee of the securing the highest price.

2. A Guaranteed Rent offer: What Investor doesn’t care about how much rent they will get and whether that rent will occur on time, every month, whether the property is let or not?

Selling your property with our Guaranteed Rent contract attached, removes all the guess work and risk for the Investor Buyer. You could be selling at the exact same time as a very similar property next door, but which buyer would choose your neighbour’s over yours when yours has a Guaranteed Rent contract available and theirs doesn’t?

We provide a Guaranteed Rent certificate on all eligible investment properties (confirming the guaranteed rental amount/month), which can be used as part of the Investor Information Pack and provided to interested Investors prior to the sale.

By understanding the needs of Landlords and Property Investors, we have created these unique sales products that will attract many more buyers. More buyers, means more bidders, means higher prices.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these products or to get an appraisal of the current market value of your investment property, call Grant Lynch, Director | Sales & Auctioneer on 0408 110 011.

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